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Sims 4 FAQ: Why is my Sim getting fat?

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Many Sims became fat without any clear explanation. Many Sims in the same household may not gain weight even though they eat the same foods and have similar lifestyles.

Many players still have questions about how weight works in Sims 4.

You might be curious to find out why your Sim suddenly became fat, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

How can you gain or lose weight in Sims 4?

Why is my Sim getting fat?

Here are four reasons your Sims become fat:

  • They aren’t exercising
  • Too much
  • You seldom play the game
  • Sims became pregnant (female Sims).

You must convince your Sim to exercise every day if you want them to be fit. Sims can lose weight by exercising, and the treadmill and jogging are their best options.

Your Sims will gain weight just like in real life if they don’t exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can slowly but surely result in extra weight that will be visible in a few weeks.

Sims can gain weight quickly if they eat a lot of fast food or aren’t working out often enough.

Get to the gym

Invite your Sims to the gym. Weight training will help them lose weight faster than jogging. Sims who train for four hours per day will lose weight immediately.

You will be able see the progress you make even while doing the exercise. Your Sim will usually look slimmer after a week of training.

Your Sims shouldn’t overeat

Another reason for weight gain is overeating. If your Sim eats whole cakes, they will appear fatter within 5 to 6 hours.

It may take up to 24 hours for weight gain to be visible in some cases, but it will eventually appear.

To maintain their weight, make sure that your Sims don’t eat a lot high-calorie food.

Remember that every meal contains calories. If your Sims don’t exercise, they will gain weight. Sims won’t lose any calories unless they are working out.

Keep playing Sims frequently

Sims will become fat if you have multiple households. This is not a bug, but a feature of the game. You will see a lot more weight in townsies who don’t play. They will not stay the same forever.

This feature was not present in the previous Sims versions. This is an excellent addition to the game, I think.

The female Sims will gain weight naturally during and after pregnancy.

How can Sims stop getting fat?

You now know the reasons your Sims gained weight. Now it’s time for you to find out how you can prevent this from happening.

How to Keep Sims Fit:

  1. Encourage them to exercise on a regular basis. Encourage them to go to the gym. You can also buy a backyard punching bag and let them practice boxing every other day.
  2. Set up a meal plan and encourage them to eat healthy, low-calorie food over unhealthy.
  3. Avoid alcohol.
  4. Regularly interact with your Sims. If you have multiple households, ensure that you are interacting with all Sims at the very least every two to three days.

Taste of Diet Ice Cream

Cool Kitchen Stuff also includes Taste of Diet ice cream that Sims can enjoy. They should notice a difference the second time they have it. Let them have three to four bowls of ice-cream if nothing happens. Positive results should be seen quickly.

Here you have it, I hope that the weight gain mechanism in The Sims 4 now is more clear.

Note : This guide has been updated to include more information about The Sims 4’s weight gain mechanism.

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