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Valorant Guide: How to go to Shooting Range

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It’s a good idea to enter the Shooting Range if you are new to Valorant, or any shooter game for that matter.

This guide will show you how to get to the Shooting Range, and give you tips on how to improve your skills.

How can I get to Shooting Range.

How to get the most out of your shooting range

Even if your experience level is low, we recommend that you visit the Shooting Range to learn more about the game’s weapons as well as the controls. To get started, check out this mouse sensitivity guide.

The Shooting Range will automatically generate 30 bots every few seconds once you have entered it. This allows you to practice flipping from one target to the next. If you are up for a challenge, the bots can run around. Just hit F3 to have them move around, expanding the field in front you.

The headshot flicks are a great way to practice aim training. Do not rush, and take your time building confidence in your ability to aim and muscle memory. You’ll improve your skills the more you practice. Your muscles will be able to adapt the movement required to headshot to the context. Use the mouse horizontally only. This will help you later with flickshot accuracy and crosshair placement.

To learn how the weapons work, you can use your experience at the shooting range. This is a great opportunity to find your favorite weapon. For the best weapon control, you can also test the recoil.

Training is a great way to increase your skills, muscle memory, and confidence in your decision-making and skills.

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