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Can you unsocket gems in New World?

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Once you have the gems you want, you can put them in your weapon’s Gem Socket and unlock the perk. Many players wonder if it is possible to remove gems from items. Perhaps you have accidentally put the wrong gem into the socket. Let’s see!

Is it possible to remove gems from New World items?

You cannot remove a gem from the socket of your item after it has been placed. This action is irreversible. You can’t reverse the action if you place the wrong gem into the item socket. You can replace the gem you have in your item socket with another to unlock a new perk.

This is why it’s important to take your time before you place a gem into your item socket. Measure twice, cut once.

You can upgrade your equipment with gems and unlock useful bonuses and perks . They can be used to improve your armor and weapons.

Each gem is unique and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Aquamarine, for example, converts damage to ice and reduces damage. Onyx allows you to deal more damage with enemies when you have full health and increases your damage resistance.

Which gems are your favorites in New World? Did you ever mistakenly place the wrong gem into an item socket? Please share your thoughts below.

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