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Cyberpunk 2077: Can you reset attribute points?

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Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to define your character’s abilities using attributes. These attributes can be thought of as broad traits. Each Attribute has specific skill sets. The Cool Attribute, for example, contains the Stealth or Cool Blood skills.

Attribute points are required to increase your Attributes. You must complete different tasks and missions around Night City to earn Attribute points. You’ll earn experience points (XP) based on your performance. Each level rewards you with an Attribute point, which you can use for leveling up your character’s abilities.

Are you able to respec Attribute points in Cyberpunk 2077

You can’t reset your Attribute points in Cyberpunk 2077. You must start a new game with an entirely new character to level up your character’s abilities. This limitation can be bypassed by keeping some unused Attribute points at your disposal so you can use them as needed.

What are the Attribute points you can get in Cyberpunk to earn?

Each 3rd level, you get 1 AttributePoint. 49 is the maximum number of Attribute points you can earn in all categories. The maximum number you can use for Attributes is 71. When you start the game, you get 15 Attribute points, 7 more when creating your character, and 49 more for each level.

Focusing on a few areas is the best way to improve your character skills. Your character will be a master of all five areas if you distribute Attribute points equally among them.

You should only invest 20 points in two or three skill areas to make your character excel at certain tasks. You can use the remaining points to improve your skills in other areas.

Gamers find it annoying that Attribute points can’t be reset

Many Cyberpunk players would love to be able to respec Attribute points depending upon the context.

Although they gave us the ability to reset our skill points and attribute points, once you have spent all of your attribute points, you are stuck with the same build. It would be great to not have the game restarted just to test a new build. I don’t really want to do this to make it easier to use large guns instead of my pistols (effectively ).).

What do you think of the current system for Attribute Points. What could you do to improve it? Please comment below.

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