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What is coil whine on PS5? How do you fix it?

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Many PS5 owners have complained about loud coil whine. Sony is not answering many questions about coil whine, but there are still many. Let’s now explore the causes and what to do about coil whine.

What is PS5 coil whine and how can it be explained?

When power is passed through your PS5’s GPU the coil vibrates making an audible buzzing sound called coil whineCoil whine is harmless for your PS5 console and doesn’t impact its performance.

Although the PS5 is quieter than the PS4, many people find the coil whine annoying. It is louder when you play graphically demanding games like Fortnite and Valhalla.

How does the PS5 coil whine sound?

The sound of coil whine can be described as a buzzing, humming or whining sound, or a grinding sound. It may sound similar to a continuous, low hum that sounds like a bee. Others describe coil whine as an annoying, high-pitched sound. The sound can be compared to the coil whine that many gamers have described as PS5’s. Others describe the sound as similar to an electric razor or mini generator.

Your current console settings and what games you are playing will affect how the experience differs for each gamer. You may hear the louder version, while others might hear something similar to an old fridge’s deep rumble.

Users claim that the PS5’s coil whine is more annoying than the PS4’s fans or coil whine on a computer GPU.

This buzz is not good for tinnitus. Your tinnitus could start to mimic the buzz after you turn off your console.

How long does coil whine on PS5 last?

The whine on the PS5 coil should stop when you play graphically challenging games. Some users reported that the whine continues for several minutes even when the user is in Rest mode or on the home page. But the coil noise should stop three to four minutes after you quit your game.

How can I tell if my PS5 has coil whine

If your PS5 is making a buzzing or humming sound, you should be able to hear it. About 20% of PS5 owners reported that coil wine can be heard even in Rest Mode. However, more than 60% of users claimed that coil whine is louder while gaming.

Some gamers complained that the whine could sometimes be as loud as the game when playing PS5 games. This is a rare complaint.

Is it fan noise or coil whine from the PS5?

Fan noise and coil whine are not the same thing. While some PS5 users have complained about loud fan noise and loud disc drive issues, fan-related noise can take a few seconds depending on the heat level to change. Coil whine, on the other hand stops immediately after you quit video-demanding games. If you stop playing and then go to the main menu, the coil whine will cease. However, the fan noise may linger for several more seconds or minutes.

Coil whine is a sign of increased power, which is when fans speed up.

Are all PS5 consoles capable of coil whine?

Coil whine is a common feature on PS5 consoles. Most gamers have complained about it. It all depends on how fast you are, your FPS and the graphics settings you use, as well as what games you’re playing.

It is interesting that Sony uses fan models from different manufacturers. The fan can hide the coil whine if it is louder. The coil whine will be more obvious if the fan is quieter.

Is the normal sound of a PS5 coil whine?

The Game Boost mode on PS5 consoles is automatically enabled. If you set your PS5 settings for high performance mode and run a demanding game at high frame rates, the console will need more power to meet your requirements. Simply put, running graphically-demanding games at a high frame rate forces the PS5 console to suck in more power. More power equals more burr.

Sony cannot prevent coil whine and technically, it doesn’t mean there’s any problem or defect with the hardware. When your console draws more power, the whine is caused by individual components tuning to the same frequency.

In fact, coil whining could indicate that Sony used better quality components to make the PS5. The company cannot test every console on the production line for unusual levels of coil whine.

What makes the PS5 coil whine

Coil whine could be caused by the game boost mode on PlayStation 5. Sony has confirmed that the game boost mode on the PlayStation 5 is always on and can be disabled by users. The coil whine is usually caused by 120Hz games such as Borderland 3. It can also be quite loud when you run 60FPS games.

Coil whine can also be triggered by various actions within the game. The sound becomes quieter if you choose the PS logo in the game. The whine becomes louder when you restart the game. It’s quieter if you look at the ground. But, if you look into the game world ahead, it becomes louder.

Is coil whine possible with a poor PSU?

Your PS5 could also experience coil whine if it has a faulty or defective PSU (power supply unit). While many gamers have suggested that faulty PSUs could be a cause of coil whine, there is no official confirmation. PS4 Pro owners have complained of similar issues in the past.

How do I fix the PS5 coil whine

Is the PS5 coil whine going away?

The sound of coil whine may change over time and disappear. Although the whine can be quite loud when you launch a new game, it will fade away after a while and blend into your console’s fan noise. You can move the console away from you.

Some users have confirmed that the high-pitched noise and coil whine became almost inaudible over time. So, don’t lose hope.

Remember that noise levels can change depending on what is on the screen. It gets louder if you play at high FPS settings.

How can you fix the coil whine of the PS5?

  1. Adjust the position of your console. This could also be contributing to the buzz. You can place your console horizontally or vertically to see if there are any differences.
  2. Disable Performance mode. With Performance mode turned on, coil whine will be louder. This option can be disabled and you will see the results.
  3. Disable 120 Hz video output. Navigate to Settings and select Screen and Video. Then, go to Video Output. You can turn off 120Hz output.
  4. The console should be placed in an area that is well ventilated. You need to leave enough space around the PS5 for it to quickly release hot air.

Replacement and warranty on the PS5 coil whine

The PS5 comes with an automatic 1-year warranty. You can use this warranty to have your console repaired or replaced. Wait a few weeks to return your PS5 for coil whine. Then, check to see if the buzzing and humming sound has changed.

According to people who returned their PS5 consoles to Sony, the entire process took around two weeks. Although the new console was quieter, the coil whine was still present. The coil whine on your PS5 is not a defect and is considered normal.

Many PS5 owners sold their consoles and kept their old PS4 until Sony fixed the problem.

Sony to fix the PS5 coil whine

This is a question many players are asking. The whine may be less prominent in the next year’s units. Although the PS5 was released a few months ago, the company is still very tight-lipped about the coil whine problem. We will keep an eye on the matter and update this post when new information becomes available.

Have you ever experienced loud coil whine on your PS5 Could you please describe the problem? You can share any tips or tricks with us in the comments.

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