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Why does PS5 keep re-copying game content?

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The PS5 console by Sony is a technological masterpiece, there’s no question about it. One thing has been driving users insane since the beginning: It seems that the console re-copies your game content each time you turn it off. You can then return to it later to play your favorite titles. It copies or reinstalls the game content constantly.

Why does PS5 keep copying games content?

Your console copies the game every time a patch is released for a particular game. Then, it downloads and installs the patch. To put it another way, your PS5 automatically copies the game when it installs the latest game update to protect files from corruption.

The problem is that depending on how large the game is, the entire process can take several hours. This means that you won’t be able to play your favorite games for long periods of time. This is one explanation, but it’s not all.

When inserting the game disc, don’t select Copy

To launch the process, you must not select ” copy” manually after inserting the disc. Wait for the transfer process to begin on its own. Allow your PS5 to install everything on its own and do not select the Copy option. To avoid the copying message, you can leave your disc in place.

All additional packs must be installed

This problem can be avoided by installing all available packs and add-ons for your game. Many gamers found this solution to their copying problems.

If you are playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for example, then install Campaign Pack 1 and 2. You can then install all of the add-ons and installation packs you require for your game. This should allow you to enjoy your games without any issues.

Many CoD: Modern Warfare gamers confirmed that the installation of campaign packs worked. The console might still display the ” copying game content” message but it should disappear within 5-10 seconds.

Use the Rest Mode

You can still play the game, but put your PS5 into Rest Mode. It’s possible to get some errors and glitches from Rest Mode, but it is not an ideal solution. This worked for some gamers, and might work for you.

Which method did you find most effective? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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