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PS4 Controller is Lagging? You Can Fix it

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A reliable controller is crucial for PS4 gaming sessions. A good controller will instantly translate your actions into the game. There are some situations where gamers might experience controller lag. This delay can be quite annoying.

Although it is natural to want to restart the console immediately, this doesn’t always work.

This article will show you how to fix the PS4 controller lag so you can resume normal gaming. Let’s get started to see what you can do about DualShock 4.

Troubleshoot PS4 Controller Lag



Verify if the controller has lost its charge

Your controller must be charged. You already know that if your controller is low on battery, you may experience input problems, such as delays.


Make use of a wired connection

Use a USB cable to connect your DualShock 4 and the PS4 After a while, you can switch to wireless connections.


Verify if any other devices interfere with your controller

Bluetooth is used to connect your DualShock 4 controller to the console. Some wireless devices may block or interfere with the controller’s signal, causing it to be broken or blocked altogether.

Move all your wireless devices and gadgets into another room to see if the problem has been solved.


Reset the controller

There is a reset button on the back of your controller. To reset the connection, use a sharp object to press that button.

Use a USB cable for connecting your controller to the PS4 console. Switch on your console and connect the two devices using a USB cable.


Examine for dust particles

Dust can limit the controller’s stick movement and cause it to behave strangely. To remove dust particles, lift the sticks up and blow air into the stick gaps.


Buy a new controller

You might want to replace your controller if you have had it for a while. If your DualShock 4 is experiencing lag due to hardware failure, you can simply replace it.

These suggestions may have helped you to solve your problem.

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