5 PC Games You Can Continue Playing on Mobile

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Sometimes, real-life can seriously impact on your gaming time. However, if you buy the right games you can start playing them on your PC and then continue playing them on your smartphone.

Here’s a short list of PC games you can continue playing on mobile, giving you the best of both worlds. Thus, these games will allow you to maximize your gaming time, no matter where you are.

1. Fortnite


It feels like Fortnite is on every console and system known to man, and your smartphone is no exception. Fortunately, if you get stuck into this wildly popular battle royale game, you won’t need to make a separate account for each system.

While Fortnite didn’t invent the battle royale genre, it’s one of its most popular entries. It also fought to bring cross-platform compatibility between all the devices it’s on. This feature means you can purchase and earn items on your PC, then retrieve them when you’re playing on mobile.

Fortnite also supports cross-platform play with PC, consoles, and mobile. This feature means that you can play with friends on different systems. Thankfully, if you’re not playing alongside anyone on a separate system, the game will pair you with other mobile players to keep things fair.

Because of Fortnite’s rampant success, scammers are always on the hunt to crack open Fortnite accounts. So if you play this game, be sure to secure your Fortnite account with two-factor authentication.

Download: Fortnite for PC | Android | iOS (Free)

2. Minecraft

Another game that’s hard to avoid no matter where you are, Minecraft is playable on all modern devices. It takes a little more work to get Minecraft to work cross-platform, but it is possible.

For one, you need the Bedrock version of Minecraft on your PC. The Bedrock version is the standard that all devices should meet. Because every device uses the same version, they’re all on the same level and can play nicely with one another.

To run the Bedrock edition on your computer, you need Windows 10. Then, you need to download Minecraft for Windows 10 from the app store. You don’t need to re-buy this version; instead, you can get it for free after you buy the main version of Minecraft.

The Windows 10 version of Minecraft uses the Bedrock version, meaning you can cross-play with other systems. If you run Minecraft and it says “Java edition,” this is the new, flashy version of Minecraft and isn’t compatible with other devices.

You’ll also need Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your mobile device. Unfortunately, the mobile version doesn’t come free with the PC version, so you must re-buy it on your mobile device.

Once you’re using the Bedrock version, you can share a world between all your devices. The best way to do this is on a server which saves your progress as you build. You can either set up a server yourself or grab one from Minecraft Realms.

These steps represent quite a lot of work, so it’s best done if you have friends who want to play along. Fortunately, if you performed the above steps, you now have a server that’s running the standard Bedrock version. This means any friend, regardless of how they play, can hop on.

There are some good reasons why you should make your own server, so consider them before you purchase a Realms server.

Download: Minecraft for PC ($26.95)

Download: Minecraft for Android | iOS ($6.99)

3. Hearthstone

If you want to play card games while you’re out and about, Hearthstone is a fantastic choice. This fantasy-based trading card game (TCG) takes inspiration from the characters and settings within the hit game World of Warcraft. Since its release, Hearthstone has been taking more liberties with the source material and creating a style for itself.

Hearthstone’s core design is for PC and mobile cross-play. This means you can build and play decks on PC, then continue your card-based conquest while on the go. All of your cards and decks follow you, so you never need to rebuild the decks from scratch.

Best of all, TCGs have a slower, turn-based pace than other games. If you’re on mobile and a PC player challenges you, they don’t have an inherent gameplay advantage over you.

Download: Hearthstone for PC | Android | iOS (Free)

If you’ve never played Hearthstone before, check out our complete guide to Hearthstone to get started playing the game.

4. Shadowverse

If you’re not keen on Hearthstone, give Shadowverse a try. This is an anime-based card game that is not as popular as Hearthstone but has an active fanbase that appreciates the art style.

Shadowverse is an excellent pick if you don’t want to spend too much on a TCG. The developer is generous with its gifts, so you can make a decent deck while paying nothing. The option is there to buy more packs if you feel inclined, but it’s a lot less restrictive than other TCGs.

At the time of writing, the gameplay revolves around playing “one-hit knockout” (OHKO) cards that win the game on the spot. As such, Shadowverse may not be an ideal choice for people who enjoy creature combat over combo wins.

Download: Shadowverse for PC | Android | iOS (Free)

5. Crashlands

A lot of games start on one platform, then expand to others when their success warrants it. Crashlands is unique in that the developers designed it to span both PC and mobile by default.

The PC and mobile versions are so in-sync, the developers wanted one game purchase to span both systems. Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell the PC and mobile version in a bundle, so they split the total asking price of the game between the two editions. As such, when you buy both versions, you’ve essentially bought the full game.

Crashlands has a similar style to games such as Minecraft and Don’t Starve. You play as Flux Danes, a space delivery man who’s shot down and lands on an alien planet. You’re forced to make a life for yourself by building a base, fighting off the wildlife, and collecting alien eggs to hatch as your pet.

Given that it’s designed to be cross-platform, you don’t lose progress between the PC and mobile versions. The game uses BscotchID to sync up the saves between both games. Once you have finished playing on PC and need to travel, just tell your phone to sync up the saves and you can start playing where you left off.

Download: Crashlands for PC ($14.99)

Download: Crashlands for Android | iOS ($6.99)

Find New Mobile Games Worth Playing

Just because you’ve left your PC behind doesn’t mean you have to leave your games behind with it. With these multi-platform games, you can pick up where you left off no matter where you are.

And if you’re big into mobile gaming, here’s how to find new mobile games worth playing.

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