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What Can I Do With Origin Points?

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Origin games support a feature called Origin points. Origin Points remain a mystery to many gamers.

This guide’s purpose is to help you unravel this mystery and answer these questions.

  • What is Origin Points?
  • Where can you spend Origin Points?
  • What’s the point of Origin Points ()?
  • What can you do with Origin Points?
  • How do I redeem Origin Points?

Here’s what you need to know about Origin Points

What are Origin Points?

Origin Points represent your gaming skills, talent, and dedication to Origin. These points allow gamers to track their achievements in EA games.

These points can be earned by players simply playing their favorite games, spending more time in Origin, and unlocking more achievements.

What can you spend Origin Points for?

Origin Points cannot be used to purchase currency. They are a proof of your gaming achievements. They are not currency, but only a proof of your gaming skills and experience. Origin Points cannot be used to purchase anything. They can’t be used to receive discounts.

Bioware points can be used to purchase DLC and other items for older Bioware titles.

Remember that Origin and Bioware points are different. They are not connected.

What’s the point of Origin Points

Origin Points can be used for statistics only. Origin Points can be used to feel good. Gamification methods such as these points can be used to increase platform usage.

These points can also be used psychologically to condition your behavior. If their goal is to earn more Origin Points, then users who are driven by achievement will spend more time playing Origin Games. Actively using the platform more often increases your chances of spending more money on Origin games. This is one way to get more points.

Origin users love to brag about their Origin Points, to show their loyalty and dedication to the platform.

Origin Points can do almost anything!

Origin Points are not a currency. They can’t be converted into in-game items, used to buy DLCs, or given as discounts.

EA Origin Points was launched 7 years ago. However, gamers still have a lot to think about.

How do I redeem Origin Points?

Origin Points cannot be redeemed because they are only a visual representation for your game achievements and time on the platform.

Origin Points cannot be exchanged for in-game content or discounts. Practically speaking, Origin Points can’t be used for anything.

Origin Points: What gamers think

Many gamers stated that they would love to see Origin Points utilized in some way. Many gamers suggested that Origin Points should be available to players for at least cosmetic items.

Others suggested that the points were proof of gamers’ loyalty and should be rewarded. Many saw a parallel between Ubisoft’s system, and the fact that Ubisoft allows players to use Ubisoft Points to receive in-game rewards and discounts.

Some players suggested that Origin Access users get a month free of charge once they have reached 5,000 points.

Some gamers suggested that EA allow users to spend Origin Points to receive discounts on less-popular games. This would allow EA to promote less-popular games through discounts.


Origin Points were introduced by EA in May 2013. Although Origin Points have been around for 7 years, there are still no real benefits to gamers.

These points have the sole purpose of encouraging gamers to spend more time on Origin. They unlock more achievements the more they play.

Origin Points are not a good option for gamers because they don’t allow them to get discounts or free access.

You can comment below if you are an Origin user to share your thoughts.

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