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New World server population cap needs to increase

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Amazon’s New WorldMMORPG drives players insane due to its ridiculously long queue times. To get into the game, players must wait hours. On average, the wait time for entry is more than 20 hours.

Amazon provided over 170 servers to New World’s launch. However, that number is not sufficient as the demand for new services continues to rise.

The problem is that servers have a limit of 2,000 players per game , and the game is rapidly approaching the 1M player milestone. This means that many gamers are unable to get in.

The solution? Increase the server population cap

Many players suggested that the fastest way to fix this problem is to increase server population by 2,000 to 6,600 per server. This means that Amazon must change its server settings to allow more people to access the servers. New World players even created an official petition requesting Amazon to increase its server population cap.

This petition is from all your paying customers worldwide for an immediate increase in server population, from 2,000 to 6,096 per server. Your infrastructure and server hardware are capable of supporting 6,000 connections per server. This is a formal petition from your paying customers worldwide. We want to be able play the game without waiting in lines for hours.

However, things aren’t always so simple

Amazon explains that worlds can only hold a certain number of players. The wait time will be unpredictable if no one leaves the game.

The maximum player count for worlds is . The average queue time does NOT mean that you will need to wait for 100 hours. It is simply a rolling calculation of how many people get allowed into the world each slot becomes free. If there are no slots available for a given time, and more people keep coming in to a queue that isn’t moving at all, then the wait time will be unpredictable.

Amazon will soon add servers

Amazon continues to add servers to New World’s infrastructure. However, the player count is increasing. The company acknowledged the server problems and said they are working to increase the world’s capacity as well as adding new servers.

Server stability problems are quite common in MMO games. These problems will usually resolve themselves over time, which is the good news.

Players are being kicked out of the queues by errors

Many players complain that they are often kicked out of queues due to the low server popularity limit. These errors include Too many requests Exception, Product Information not found and HttpError Response.

Worlds with very low queue times

You can also join a world that has a short queue time such as Zu-Vendis or Ravenspurn, Hellopia and Ismarus Theta. Scroll down to All worlds to see the average queue time for each one.

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