Linux Mint 19.2 is out

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The Linux Mint team released a new version of the Linux distribution on August 2, 2019. Linux Mint 19.2 is already available in the three supported flavors Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce.

The new version is a long-term service release; it will be supported until 2023 and is already available on the official website of the project. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce are provided. The release follows Linux Mint 19.1 and Linux Mint 19.0 which we reviewed here.

Highlights of the release are reduced RAM usage, and Update Manager and Software Manager improvements.

Check out our guide on upgrading Linux Mint if you don’t know how to upgrade from an earlier version of the Linux distribution.

Some new features, improvements and fixes apply to all supported desktop environments, others are environment specific.

The update manager features several kernel-related improvements. It displays the support time for kernels in Linux Mint 19.2 and supports the queuing of kernel installations or removals so that it is no longer necessary to install or remove kernels one-by-one anymore. It is furthermore possible to configure the Update Manager to remove older kernels automatically that are no longer needed.

The team added support for kernel flavors in the new release making it possible to switch between non-generic and and generic kernels.

The update manager features others improvements. Administrators may now blacklist specific package versions opposed to the entire package; this allows for the installation of package updates at a later point in time.

The Software Manager displays applications installed by it and through other means thanks to a new cache that is used by it in this release. It features two additional options: add missing keys to scan repositories and PPAs for missing keys to download them to the system, and remove duplicate sources to find and fix duplicate definitions.

Mintreport, the system reports tool, has a new look and uses a different layout. It features a new system information page to make it easier to copy and paste system information.

Several XApps tools were improved:

  • Some tools were updated to support the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-Q.
  • Blueberry systray menu features an option to connect or disconnect paired devices with a mouse click.
  • The default text editor Xed supports toggling comments and comment blocks.
  • The login screen configuration tool features a new option to set a delay for automatic logins.

Cinnamon 4.2 features

  • Cinnamon should use significantly less RAM than previous versions.
  • Muffin window manager should feel smoother and more responsive thanks to optimizations.
  • VSync can be turned on or off without restarting Cinnamon.
  • Several internal components, e.g. Appsys or DocInfo, were simplified.
  • Application menu is faster and more responsive. Xed and Gedit text editors, and Flatpack installations of installed applications are now distinguishable.
  • Option to change scrollbar width in System Settings.
  • Option to pin files added.
  • Improved Samba support.

MATE 1.22 features

  • Configure delay for applications that start automatically.
  • Metacity-3 theme support.
  • Window and desktop switchers look better.
  • Session manager features better systemd support.
  • Desktop notifications for long-running file operations.
  • New compression formats support.
  • New key shortcuts for different types of media keys.
  • Boot repair option added to the installation ISO images.
  • Design, theme and color changes.

Closing Words

Linux Mint 19.2 introduces several new features and improvements. Cinnamon devices should use less RAM and feel more responsive when used, and all desktop environments benefit from new update manager and software manager features.

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Article Name

Linux Mint 19.2 is out


The Linux Mint team released a new version of the Linux distribution on August 2, 2019. Linux Mint 19.2 is already available in the three supported flavors Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce.


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