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How to install and activate Destination America on various devices?

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If you enjoy watching Paranormal Lockdown, Mountain Monster, Haunted Towns and Railroad Alaska, then Destination America is the app for you. This article will explain how to install and activate the Destination America app on different streaming devices such as Android TV, Fire TV and Roku. You can access more than 2000 hours worth of amazing programs and shows. To access all these contents, you only have to activate them by using the link.

How do you activate Destination America

1 – First, Install Destination America onto your streaming device.

2 – Launch Destination America App.

3 – You can ask to log in with your account credentials.

4 – After a while, an activation Code will appear on your TV screen.

5 – Take the activation code and write it down.

6 – Visit the link from your PC or mobile browser.

7 – In the following field, you will need to submit the activation Code.

8 – Once you have submitted the code, click the LinkTV Provideroption.

9 – Your Destination America app will now activate.

How can you watch Destination America on Roku

1 – Connect your Roku with an active internet connection

2 – Use the home button on your TV remote.

3 – Next, locate the streaming channeloption in the menu screen.

4 – Locate the Search channelsoption, and then select it.

5 – Use an on-screen keyboard to type “Destination USA” into the search box.

6 – Select the App from the search results.

7 – Next, choose the Add Channeloption.

8 – After the installation is complete, click on the OKoption.

9 – Launch DestinationAmerica app.

10 – After a while, a activation Code appears in the relevant field. You may also be asked for your account credentials.

11 – Move on to another device and visit the link.

12 – Now, enter the activation Code in the appropriate field.

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13 – To access Destination America app, enter your username & password.

14 – Your screen will then automatically refresh and load Destination America content.

How can you watch Destination America on Amazon Fire TV

1 – Launch the App Store from the home screen.

2 – Click on the search icon and enter Destination America in the provided search field.

3 – Select the Destination America app from the search field.

4 – Click the download or theoption for Destination America app installation on Amazon Fire TV.

5 – Installation takes just a few seconds, depending on the speed of your internet.

6 – Once installed, open the Destination America app.

7 – A activation code will be generated on your TV screen. You can either copy the code or take it with you.

8 – Launch any browser on your mobile or PC and visit the link.

9 – In the next page, enter the activation Code in the field provided and then click on the submitbutton.

10 – Enter your account credentials ( if you are asked).

11- Destination America content will be loaded automatically onto your TV’s screen.

How can you watch Destination America on Apple TV

1 – Connect your Apple TV with an active Wi-Fi network.

2 – From the home screen, launch the Apple TV App Store.

3 – Navigate to the search iconon top bar and choose it.

4 – Use a virtual keyboard to enter Destination America in the search field.

5 – Select the Destination America App from the search results.

6 – You will then be promoted to the app overview page.

7 – After a while your installation processis complete.

8 – Start the Destination America App on your Apple TV.

9 – A activation Code will appear on your TV screen.

10 – Go to another device and launch a browser and enter URL in the search field.

11 – Next, enter your activation code in the appropriate field.

12 – Finally, click the submit button.

13 You can now stream Destination America app to Apple TV.

How can I stream Destination America on Android TV

1 – To begin, tap the home button on your TV remote to go to the homepage.

2 – From your home screen, select the Appsoption.

3 – Scroll to the left to select the Play Store.

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4 – To search for the search bar, go to the magnifying glassesicon.

5 – Use a virtual keyboard to enter Destination America in the search field.

6 – A few suggestions may also be displayed in the search results. Select only the Destination America App.

7 – Next, click the installoption button on the next page.

8 – After the installation is complete, click on the openoption.

9 – A prompt will appear on your TV screen with the activation code. Move on to the next device to continue with the process.

10 – Visit the link from any browser.

11 – In the provided field, enter your activation Code and click on the submitoption.

12 – To complete the activation process, you may be asked to submit your account credentials.

13 – You can now stream Destination America on AndroidTV.

How do you cast Destination America on Smart TV

1. Plug in your Google Chromecast device to your Smart TV. (If your device supports Chromecast, skip this step.

2 – Your Chromecast and secondary devices must be connected to the same Wi Fi.

3 – Next, move to your second device and download the Destination America app.

4 – Sign in with your account credentials to access Destination America Go content

5 – Choose any content that interests you.

6 – Select the Cast icon from the top bar.

7 – Select your device name from the search results.

8 – Now your content will load on a TV.

How can you watch Destination America on your TV without any TV provider?

Many services allow you to stream Destination America’s favorite channels without having to sign up for a TV or cable provider.


Philo is the best way to stream Destination America on your streaming device. You will pay around $25 per month for a 7-day trial. This subscription plan includes 60 channels, including VH1, VH1, Hallmark Channel, Travel Channel and Paramount Network. Cloud DVR storage allows you to record entire series or movies, and 3 people can simultaneously stream.

It supports many devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku and Sony Smart TV.



FuboTV also offers Destination America channels as part of its subscription plans. The fubo Extra package subscription costs $72.99 per monthly and includes a 7-day free trial. The plan offers 90 channels, including Discovery, Disney Junior and USA Network. Syfy, Fox News, USA Network, VH1, Syfy and many others. Cloud DVR storage allows you to record up to 250 hours of content. It can also be upgraded upto 1000 hours. Three users can stream simultaneously.

FuboTV supports many devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.


Sling offers Destination America as part of the Sling Orange Heartland Additional package, which costs around $41 per monthly. This plan includes 30 channels, including A&E and Bravo, Cartoon Networks, Lifetime, MSNBC. Syfy, Syfy. TLC, TBS, truTV and many others. Each subscriber has 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage. Only one user can stream simultaneously.

It supports Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV as well as Roku, Chromecast and Xbox.


Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services, includes the Destination America channel in its Hulu Live TV Entertainment Addon package. It costs around $77.99 per monthly. The package offers 70 channels including Syfy, MTV, Lifetime, Syfy and TNT. It also includes ESPN, Bravo, BET. Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and many others. This plan includes 50 hours of Cloud DVR to record your favorite moments. Only 2 people can stream simultaneously.

It works with many devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

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