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How to Play Origin in Offline Mode | Step-by-Step Guide

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= Find out how to enable offline mode in Origin and play games with no Internet connection

Origin is a popular gaming client with millions of players. You can enable offline mode to continue playing your Origin games, even if the service is down or not working properly.

To turn on Offline mode you will need an Internet connection. You can also download the games that you want to play from the internet.

Steps to enable offline mode in Origin

  • Step 1 Launch Origin and log in to your EA credentials
  • Step 2 Download Origin games offline
  • Step 3 Click on the Source HTML3_ menu
  • Step 4 Select the Offline option to enjoy your games offline.

Origin will remain offline mode for as long you like. Origin will remain in Offline Mode until you close it. You’ll be asked to enter your username, password, and everything will happen without an Internet connection.

You will need to log back online if you wish to update Origin or get the latest game updates.

If the prompt to log on is constantly displayed, it means that the game registration was not completed. This means that you will need to restart Origin with administrative rights. Launch the problem game, then enable Offline Mode. Then, start the game again.

How to enable online mode in origin

  • Step 1 Click on the Origin Menu
  • Step 2 Click on the Get Online button to access all of the Origin features.

We recommend that you play in Offline Mode if possible. This will allow you to access new content and keep your game client updated.

Now you are aware.

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