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How to Make Pictures Fit On Instagram without Cropping

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Instagram is a wonderful app to share your daily highlights and experience. Everyone wants their photos to look great on Instagram. It can be frustrating to see your perfect photo cropped by Instagram.

Instagram has different aspect ratios for images, specifically 4 to 5 for portraits and 1:1 for squares. Landscape pictures use 1.91 to 1 for image aspect ratios. Your image will be cropped if it does not conform to image guidelines on Instagram.

There are many ways to add photos to Instagram that don’t crop. These include resizing, adding borders and using third-party apps. For a cleaner, more consistent look, read on.

1. Instagram’s Crop Feature allows you to resize your images

Instagram was initially limited to square images in a ratio 1:1. However, Instagram updated this feature in 2015 and now allows you to upload landscape images as well as portraits.

It is very simple to resize images with Instagram’s crop function. On the bottom left hand side of your screen, you’ll see a grey icon with a white frame. Click on this icon to automatically resize the images to fit into the frame. To shrink your image, you can pinch your fingers together.

This method has a downside. It may not cover all of the images or resize them in a way that is convenient. The zoom feature is limited in its ability to make your images look natural, clean, and professional.

If the above method doesn’t work for your image, you can resize it manually with a photo editor or third party apps.

2. Manually resize your image

Manually resizing your images is the best way to get them to fit on Instagram. This method would give you full control of the image.

You should know that resizing your image will result in some blank space. You can create a background for your images by manually resizing them.

BunnyPic, a free online editor for photoshops, is a great tool. It doesn’t require you to sign up or install it. You can also remove the watermark from your images without worrying about it. It’s completely free and easy to use.

Follow these steps to resize images with BunnyPic

  1. Go to the BunnyPic.
  2. Click on Open From Computer to select the image that you wish to resize.
  1. Go to Image> Canvas Size to scale the canvas to 1080×1080 pixels or a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  1. Place a New Layer below the picture layer.
  1. If you or your followers are using dark mode, fill the new layer with white color.
  1. After you are satisfied with the results, go to Export As. You can export it as either a PNG/JPG.

It is easy to see that the image fits perfectly within the frame, compared with the cropped version from before.

3. Apps from Third Parties

This method should work for all of your photos. However, if you prefer to save the entire process on your phone and not have to move around photos from your computer, you can use third-party apps.

You can find many third-party apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These apps will automatically resize your images to fit within your canvas.

PicsArt, Whitagram and No Crop & Square are the best free apps for making Instagram photos fit without cropping.

No Crop & Square

You can edit your Instagram photos using No Crop & Square. There are many options for resizing, including shrinking, rotation, and enlarging. It also allows you to add text and stickers to images, making it an excellent app that can meet all your needs.

No Crop & Square can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store .


Whitagram, an IOS app that lets you add white borders to your Instagram images and resize them for Instagram, is called Whitagram. This app is very similar to the one above and can be used to make your images cleaner without having to go through complicated editing.

Get Whitagram at the Apple Store .


PicsArt, a popular editing tool for Android and IOS, allows you to resize your Instagram photos in a unique and better way. The blur effect can be added to image borders, which makes it more appealing than previous apps’ white and black borders.

These steps will allow you to edit your Instagram photos without using PicsArt.

  1. You can open your photo from the camera roll/gallery.
  2. Click the share icon.
  3. Select PicsArt. This will open PicsArt.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select Effects.
  5. Select Square Fit, and add a 50% blurring with the slider.

This effect is best used with landscape photos. This is what you’d get.

PicsArt can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.


Instagram is great for sharing photos online, but it can be frustrating when Instagram crops your photo to fit into a post. This makes the image look unprofessional and awkward.

You can make your Instagram images look better by using their crop feature, the BunnyPic editor, and third-party apps.

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