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How to fix Application suspending in 15 minutes PS4?

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Many errors can be frustrating and confusing when playing video games. Many users also experience this error on the PS4. Many people have experienced the “application suspending within 15 minutes PS4” error when using PS4. Today we will discuss the cause of this error and the solutions.

Reasons for application suspension in 15 minutes PS4

Before we can go into the fixing process, it is important to understand why. You may be facing the “application suspending within 15 minutes ps4” issue for many reasons. We will now tell you the main reasons this error can occur.

  • It is possible that your internet fluctuates too often.
  • The PS4 console will not verify your license, causing an “application suspending within 15 minutes” error.
  • Your account is not being set in the primary console. This is because it takes too long to cache your license.

These are the most common reasons for errors in your computer.

How can you fix the “Application Suspending In 15 Minutes” error?

We now understand why this problem occurs. Before you can fix any problem, it is important to first determine the root cause of the problem. Only then, can you solve it.

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Start your PS4-

In most cases, a simple restart can sometimes solve such problems. This problem can also be caused by bugs, which can be fixed by a simple restart.

Verify your internet connection

Also, check your internet connection. It might not be working correctly. This is why you see the problem on your screen repeatedly. Use another Wi-Fi network or Ethernet if possible.

Ignore error message-

If the “application suspending within 15 minutes PS4” error persists on your PS4, it is likely that you are still experiencing this problem. This is nothing to be concerned about. This message can be ignored completely, the PS4 console will automatically handle it.

Choose your account to be the primary console

This will help you fix the “application suspended in 15 minutes” error if nothing else works. It is possible to set up your account as the primary console. This will allow you to easily retrieve your license.

  1. Go to the settings tab.
  2. Click on the Account Management option.
  3. Click on the Activate your Primary PS4 option.
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