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How to activate DIY Network on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV?

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In this guide, we will tell you how you can install and activate DIY Network on multiple streaming devices by using the link. Discovery owns the DIY Network, an American channel. It broadcasts reality shows, home renovation shows, documentaries, as well as other programs. DIY Network is compatible with major streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

How do I sign in to DIY Network?

  • is your first link to from a mobile device or computer.
  • Navigate Sign up option at the top right-hand side and click on it.
  • Select your TV provider from this list.
  • Enter your email address or account credentials.
  • For your account, create a strong password
  • Click on the Sign in button.

Create DIY Network with Roku-

  • Turn on the Roku device, and ensure that you are connected to internet.
  • Select the streaming channel option from the homescreen.
  • Navigate to the search option in the menu bar, and then click on it.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to type “DIY Network Go”.
  • From the search results, select DIY network Go app.
  • To install the app on Roku, click on the Channel option.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then choose OK.
  • Find the DIY Network app from the home screen and launch it.
  • Follow the prompts to receive an activation Code on your TV screen.
  • Move on to another device and visit the link from any browser.
  • Send your activation code in the appropriate field.
  • Next, click on the activate link.
  • You can now watch all of the DIY Network shows and content on your Roku.

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Another way to watch DIY Network on Roku –

  • You don’t have to download the DIY Network app. There are other media streaming services that offer DIY Network as part of their packages.
  • Subscribe to one of these channels to view DIY Network (AT&T TV and YouTube TV,,,, Sling Tv., Philo.TV, and many other programs).
  • Let’s say we choose Philo TV for our subscription plan.
  • Enter “Philo TV” into the search bar of your search engine.
  • To install Philo TV on Roku, click on the Channel.
  • Click on the to go to Channel option, and then launch Philo TV.
  • Log in using your account credentials that you used to subscribe.
  • The DIY Network channel will be available in the app’s TV guide.

Create a DIY Network on Amazon Fire TV –

  • Turn on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Navigate to the homepage and select the apps icon from the top menu.
  • Click on the Search Tab and type “DIY Network” using a virtual keyboard.
  • Select your DIY Network app and identify it.
  • To install the app on Fire TV, click on the Download option.
  • After installation, open your DIY Network app.
  • Log inwith your TV provider’s credentials to get an activation Code on your TV screen. You can either write it down or pause the screen.
  • Go to another device like mobile or computer and visit from any browser.
  • An activation code will be required. In the following field, enter your activation code.
  • Click the activate button.
  • You can now watch DIY Network on Amazon Fire TV.

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Create DIY Networks on Apple TV-

  • Turn on your Apple TV.
  • You should have internet access.
  • Click the App Store on your home screen.
  • Use a virtual keyboard to go to the search button.
  • Choose the DIY network app from your search results and install it.
  • Launch the app after installing it.
  • Follow the prompts to activate your unique code.
  • Now move on to another device and visit the link.
  • In the appropriate field, submit your activation code.
  • Finally, click on the activate button.
  • All content from the DIY Network can be viewed on Apple TV.

How can you stream DIY Network without any cables?

To stream DIY Network on your streaming device you don’t need a cable connection. There are many streaming media services that offer DIY Network channels. You can stream DIY Network on your streaming device by simply subscribing to one of these services. You don’t need to visit the link to activate DIY Network, you can easily stream DIY Network by just subscribing to them.

Streaming services:

  • Hulu
  • Vidgo
  • Fubo TV
  • AT&T TV
  • YouTube TV


Hulu Live TV, one of the most popular streaming services in America, offers DIY Network as part of their $64.99/month subscription plan. You can also watch other channels like CBS, BBC and many others. Cloud DVR storage allows you to record 50 hours of your favorite shows. Hulu is available for two people simultaneously. You also get a 7-day free trial. Hulu is compatible with Roku, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV. It also supports Android TV, Smart Tvs, iOS and many other devices.

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Vidgo is the latest streaming service provider. They still offer DIY Network and 60 other channels in their 55 per month package. You can also cancel your contract at anytime. It supports Apple TV and Android TV, Samsung Smart Tv and Roku.

Fubo TV-

Fubo TV, one of America’s most popular streaming services, is available for $64.99 per monthly. This includes the DIY Network channel and 90 other channels. Also, you get a 7-day free trial and cloud DVR to record your favorite shows. Fubo TV is compatible with most devices, including Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.


AT&T TV offers a DIY Network channel for $94.99 per month with a $94.99channel package. You can stream from up to 20 devices simultaneously and save your favourite shows to cloud DVR. It supports Roku, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.

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