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How Tall is Kratos? Facts about God of War’s Hero

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Kratos is a great gaming character, and the warrior-hulking Kratos makes a striking figure. How tall is Kratos? How heavy is he?

Continue reading to find out more about God Of War’smain men.

Kratos is How Tall?

There are two possible answers. Kratos stood 7ft 6in (2.29m) in all games before God of War2018. Kratos is now 6ft 4in tall (1.93) since GoW 2018.

The character technical art team made this intentional decision as the game entered the PlayStation 4 era. Kratos was now depicted in more realistic proportions than the comic-book proportions.

This was done to match the art style and to make motion capture easier, as there are many interactions between characters and Kratos in 2018. The clean-up was much easier when the actor was of the same size as the character.

Kratos is How Old?

Each game in the series features Kratos at a different age. Kratos, a demigod who ages very slowly, may appear to haven’t aged in a physical sense.

This being said, God of War4 Kratos must have been at least 1000 years of age, as we know from excellent detective work in this Reddit Thread. It is simply because it takes approximately 1000 years to get from the earthquake in Sparta (464 BC), to the extreme cold weather event that occurred in the Northern Hemisphere on 535/536 AD. These dates mark the end of God of War3 and God of War4.

We also know that Kratos must have been at least 30 years old at the start of the first God of War. This is the youngest age at which a Spartan can become a captain. We can add 50 years to Kratos age based on the time between the beginning and the end of the first trilogy.

How Much Does Kratos Weigh?

We know Kratos’ height and we can guess his age. But how heavy is Kratos? We know Kratos is a massive man, but there’s no official information on Kratos’ weight.

According to 8wayrun Wiki Kratos weighed 284 lbs (129 kilograms). This is quite remarkable when you consider the 1,774,000-tonne bridge Kratos pushes in GoW 4 (1.774 billion kilograms), according to Cory Barlog, the game’s director. Kratos could push 9 million times his body weight.

Freya is How Tall?

Freya, the Norse god of love, war and beauty, is one of 2018’s most important characters in God Of War.

The Witch of the Woods is one of the most intriguing story arcs in the game. However, any information regarding her height is speculation since no official word has been released.

We can infer that she is taller than Baldur and Kratos. An estimate would be that she is around 6ft (1.83m).

How tall is Atreus?

Many people ask “how tall was Kratos?” and also wonder about his son, Atreus. We can only guess at Atreus’ height since there is no official answer.

It appears that Atreus is about half the height of Kratos, according to the God of War4 cutscenes. Atreus would be approximately 3ft 2in (3.97m).

The God of Warnovel shows that Atreus was 11 years old. This means that Atreus will likely grow up to be a powerful figure in his later years, much like his father.

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How tall is Kratos? We now know that Kratos is 6ft 4in tall as per God Of War 4. You thought he was shorter? Perhaps you have more information about the God of War character? Let us know if you have any other interesting information about the em>God of War /em> protagonist in the comments section below!

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Watch the video below to see Freya, Baldur, Kratos and Baldur at their highest. This video contains spoilers for those who haven’t yet completed the game.

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