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The Sims 4: How do I change my Sim’s height?

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Can I make my Sim taller with The Sims 4 The Sims 4 currently does not allow you to adjust your Sim’s height. To distinguish between different age groups, the game uses height differences. Sims who are in the same age group (teenagers and young adults) all have the exact same height.

It would be difficult to tell the difference between a teenager or a young adult if your Sim could adjust his height. It would be more fun to have a variety of heights for adult Sims.

You can change the height of a Sim by using a mod

You’ll love to know that there are many height-slider mods you can use to change your Sim’s height. This is the only way to alter your Sim’s height. EA doesn’t currently support it.

Remember that certain actions, such as hugging, kissing and social interaction, can be disrupted by mods that allow height sliders.

Animation variations are the problem

This is actually one of the main reasons EA chose not to add a height slider. EA would need to create thousands of animations for a height slider. To match each interaction properly, every notch of the slider would need at least 100 animation variations.

A library of animations is required to store all the animations. You would not be able to play all of the animations simultaneously on your computer. The computer would only play one animation, but the other 99 would remain in the library.

This would require additional computing power in terms CPU speed and RAM.

It’s difficult to believe that EA will ever offer any option to allow gamers to adjust their Sims’ heights, given the above reasons.

Don’t forget to change your Sim’s muscle mass and body mass. To see your Sim change, go to the gym.

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