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Halo Infinite: Why you got banned and how to appeal a ban

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Sometimes, Halo Infinite users may receive a bizarre User banned alert. You may also receive an error saying that the game could not connect to fireteam.

It can be frustrating to get banned for seemingly no reason, or simply trying connect to a match. Let’s find out what might be causing this problem and how we can fix it.

What is the reason I was banned from Halo Infinite

You’ll be banned if you leave a Halo Infinite game before it ends. This applies to both ranked as well as non-ranked matches. Players can also be banned by Halo for leaving non-ranked matches. Halo Infinite bans players for leaving matches voluntarily or because of technical problems. You can also be banned if you commit suicide.

You could be banned from Halo Infinite for violating certain rules

  • Many times, I quit matches
  • Excessive idle time while playing games
  • Avoiding matches
  • Suiciding
  • Matchmaking and playlist ranking manipulation
  • Network manipulation
  • Violation of the terms and conditions of use or licensing agreement
  • Impersonating 343 Industries employees
  • Reprezent yourself as someone other than yourself
  • False reports filed against other players
  • To bypass active bans, create new accounts

What is the Halo Infinite ban time?

The amount of bans in Halo Infinite will vary depending on how many there have been, and it increases with each ban. The first ban, for example, has a five-minute total ban. For 6 hours, you will be banned from Halo Infinite by the fourth ban. Two consecutive bans will result in a 16-hour ban.

List of Halo Infinite times for auto-ban

  • First ban: 5 minutes
  • Second ban: 15 minutes
  • The third ban is for 30 minutes
  • Fourth ban: 6 Hours
  • Fifth ban: 16 hours
  • Sixth ban: 24 Hours
  • 7th ban: 48 hours (as noted by players).
  • Consecutive bans: 16 Hours

After you have abandoned two matches, Halo Infinite activates its ban system and waits until you quit the third match. Your first ban will last for five minutes after you quit the game three times.

The ban time increases to 48 hours after the seventh ban. This information is not yet confirmed. Users noticed it.

The ban count seems to never reset. This means that every additional ban triggers longer ban times. Halo Infinite does not provide any timer.

Halo Infinite is banned from leaving or crashing

The Halo Infinite ban system is seriously flawed. Sometimes players may experience technical problems that are out of their control. Server issues, for example, can cause players to abandon multiple games in a short time.

Halo’s servers will count any failure to load the game correctly or sudden crashes and freezes as abandoning the match. This means that players could be banned for technical errors and glitches that are out of their control.

How to avoid Halo Infinite’s auto-ban system

  • Complete the match

It doesn’t matter whether your teammates have died or if they leave the match. Continue playing until the end.

Avoid leaving non-ranked matches in order to complete the Fiesta challenge and find CTF matches.

I was banned for leaving non-ranked matches in order to find CTF matches.

  • Do not kill yourself

Do not try to kill your self on Fiesta to unlock a sniper.

I tried to kill myself repeatedly on fiesta in order to get the sniper for my lame challenges, but was unsuccessful and got banned.

How to appeal a Halo Infinite Ban

You can appeal if you feel the ban was not applied correctly. Your case will be reviewed by a Halo Safety agent who will then either approve or deny your appeal.

  1. Log in to your account at Halo Support
  2. Any support article can be opened
  3. Scroll down to “Was the article helpful?”
  4. Click the Submit ticket button
  5. Select Enforcement or Ban Appeal when choosing your issue type
  6. All information is available to Halo Support
  7. Send the ticket


You’ll be banned if you leave a match before it ends, or if you kill yourself, Halo Infinite does not distinguish between abandoning matches by choice or due to technical difficulties.

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