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How to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight: An Easy Guide

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Hollow Knight was one of the most popular games of 2017, thanks to its distinctive style and winning combination of adventure, action, and mystery.

The game takes some time to open, so you might find yourself back and forth countless times before the world of Hallownest truly opens up. Many players have difficulty getting to the Abyss. We will show you how to get there and explain what you’ll find there.

Continue reading to find out how to reach the Abyss in Hollow Knight.

What is the Abysse?

The Abyss, which is located at the bottom of Hallownest, is composed of several chambers and rooms. This area is a key feature in Hollow Knightlore as it is home to an ancient civilization (Vessels), which predates the Hallownest. The Abyss is often called the “birthplace” because of its location.

The White Lady was said to have given birth to the Vessels, who worshipped the Void. They are genderless and were created in the Abyss by the Palae King to stop The Infection, an ancient illness.

How to get to Abyss with Hollow Knight

You must first go to the bottom of the Ancient Basin to reach the Abyss. You will first need to unlock the entrance.

To enter the Abyss, you will need the King’s Brand. This illuminating mark marks the holder as the new king. It allows them to unlock the Abyss at the bottom the Ancient Basin.

You can find the King’s Brand in Kingdom’s Edge. This area is guarded and protected by the Hornet. To get to the Hornet, you will need to use the Tram Pass. The King’s brand can be found at the end of the Cast-Off Shell.

You can take the King’s Mark to the Ancient Basin to unlock the gate that will allow you to access the Abyss in Hollow Knight. Continue reading to find out what else you might find.

What are the Abyssal resources?

You’ll need to be careful when you first enter the Abyss. There are many treacherous spikes as well as troublesome critters waiting for you. You will be fine if you take your time and plan your route well.

You can find the Lifeblood Core by dropping down to the first ledge to your left in the shaft. This is possible if you pass through the blue door, and navigate through the difficult and spiky terrain. You can skip this step for now by going down to the Abyss shaft and turning right.

There will be shadowy characters flying towards you. If you don’t get rid of them fast, they will soon join the ranks of unmanageable numbers. Avoid the dark pools of evil fluid, which are where enemies can spawn, and keep your distance.

Go to the top of this tower and activate the lighthouse that is located in the room. This will allow you to move on. Turn right when you are done leaving the lighthouse. You can swim or fly across the lake to reach the next room. The Shade Cloak is located here, which is why you are trying to reach the Abyss.

The Shade Cloak significantly increases your exploration abilities as it allows for you to quickly traverse through any black barriers without taking damage.

Cornifer is in the Abyss

The Abyss, which is the third area where the Cornifer cannot be found, is also known as the Hive or the Resting Grounds.

This is because many players report difficulty finding Cornifer after they reach the Abyss. But the truth is, you won’t be able to.

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If you still have trouble navigating the huge map in Hollow Knight check the YouTube video below from Gamer Walkthroughs. They will show you how to reach the Abyss!

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