Get $200 off the awesome Roborock S6 robot vacuum this week

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We all lead busy lives these days, so a device that can vacuum and mop your floors while you’re out (or even asleep) is a huge boon. And that’s exactly what the Roborock S6 can do.

It’s a top-notch model and this Cyber week you can buy one from Amazon for just $449.99, which is a whopping $200 off the usual price of $649.99.

There are also two other deals if the S6 is more than you need:

Until 8 December: $140 off the Roborock S5, bringing the price down to $359.99 instead of $499.99.

Until 14 December: $100 off the Roborock E2, which is now just $299.99.

Why the Roborock S6 rocks

There are so many reasons why the S6 is such a great robot vacuum cleaner. Here are just some of them. (You can also read the full review on our sister site Tech Advisor, which rated the S6 4.5/5)

Selective room-by-room cleaning

With a sophisticated laser navigation system, the Roborock S6 can quickly map out your home and, once it has completed its first clean, it will automatically divide up the space into the various rooms, hallways and landings.

Using the Roborock companion app you can name those rooms and choose which of them you want it to clean.

No-go zones

Although the S6 can handle thresholds and obstacles up to 20mm tall, there could be areas in each room where you don’t want to it to go – to protect delicate objects for example.

In the app you can define no-go zones which will be avoided.

And you don’t have to worry about it falling down your steps: 14 types of sensor allow the S6 to sense edges and drops as well as calculate ‘escape routes’ to avoid becoming stuck in tight spots.

Automatic charging

The S6’s battery is one of the largest around, delivering up to three hours of cleaning power. When it’s running low, or when cleaning is completed, the S6 will automatically return to its charging dock and recharge.

Effective cleaning

As well as the main brush, the S6 has a variable speed rotating side brush for loosening stubborn dirt and which can also reach into corners.

Combined with strong suction – enough to lift even AA batteries – the S6 offers excellent cleaning performance, leaving your floors free from dust and debris.

Better still, there’s automatic sensing which means maximum suction is only used when it is required, such as when cleaning carpets or rugs.

On top of this is Roborock’s intelligent routing which work out the most efficient way to clean a room without missing areas. It begins by navigating the perimeter of a room before methodically passing across the main floor area, much as you would mow a lawn.

This is unlike some robot vacuums which take a random approach and zig-zag all over the place.

There’s also a clip-on water tank and mop pads which mop your hard floors immediately after vacuuming. Adjustable water flow allows you to choose the best setting for your floors.

Convenient design

It’s simple to empty the dustbin in seconds thanks to its quick-release design and placed next to it is a useful cleaning brush with integrated blade which safely cuts through any hair tangled around the brush.

The main brush is also easily removable for cleaning without tools, so it’s more convenient than its rivals.

Plus, the motor is quiet – just 56dB in Balanced mode – which means the S6 won’t disturb you, your family or your pets while it cleans. It’s 50% quieter than the S5, so it’s definitely the one to go for if you hate noisy vacuum cleaners.

And if you don’t want to hear it at all, then you can schedule when you want the device to clean via the app, so it can operate when everyone is out.

The app also lets you start a clean on demand, but if you can’t be bothered to get out your phone, the S6 is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so all you have to do is ask them to make the S6 get vacuuming.

Get the deal

With $200 off, now’s the perfect time to get a robot cleaner in your life. The Roborock S6 deal is only available at Amazon.

And don’t forget, there’s also the Roborock S5 for just $359.99 and the E2 for $299.99.

These discounts won’t be around forever, so don’t miss out.

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