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Fix: Xbox shuts off while playing games

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What could be more frustrating than an Xbox console that turns off while you play your favorite games? It’s unlikely. If your Xbox is forced to shut down by your game, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below.

How to fix Xbox that won’t turn on when you play games

Overheating issues should be checked

Overheating signs should be checked. Make sure your console is in a ventilated place and that the fans work properly. Place the console on a hard surface such as a floor or carpet.

Take out any items that are under or near the console. They may prevent heat from properly dissipating. If the Xbox gets too hot, it will automatically turn off to protect hardware.

If your console becomes extremely hot, unplug it and allow it to cool off for 60 minutes. If the problem persists, turn it on again and try again.

Verify that there are no power supply problems

Check that the adapter and power cable are functioning properly. If the power supply gets too hot, it will stop working. Make sure you check the wall outlet to make sure it is working properly. The power supply may be cut if the outlet is damaged or faulty.

You can plug the power cord of your surge protector or extension cord into a wall outlet if you are using it.

Get the most recent updates

Check for updates if your Xbox suddenly stops working as expected due to coding mistakes. Check if Microsoft has fixed the issue in the latest Xbox software updates. After installing updates, make sure to restart your console.

Make sure you are checking your power settings

You can disable the option that tells your console to turn off automatically after a certain period.

  1. Turn on your console.
  2. Use the Xbox button to activate your controller.
  3. Go to Profile and system.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. Next, go to General.
  6. Choose Power mode and start.
  7. Go to Options.
  8. Select After, turn off.
  9. Select Do not turn off automatically

Reset your console

System corruption can result from unexpected console shutdowns. Resetting your Xbox to factory settings is the only way to fix this problem. Go to System – Settings – System – Console info – Reset console.

System corruption can spread to other storage devices. Before performing a system reset, unplug any peripherals that are connected to the console.

You can then check to see if the problem persists after the reset.

Microsoft’s support site provides step-by-step instructions for how to reset your Xbox console.

Get in touch with support

If your Xbox stops working while you are playing a particular game, then reinstall the game. Contact the developer for more information. Many FIFA players have complained that the game makes Xbox consoles and especially Xbox Series X models shut down suddenly.

Microsoft Support can be reached if your console suddenly shuts off. You might have a problem with one of your hardware components.


Unexpectedly, your Xbox console will shut down while you are playing games

  • Overheating issues should be checked
  • Verify that there are no power supply problems
  • Get the most recent updates
  • Make sure you are checking your power settings
  • Reset your console
  • Get in touch with support

Was the problem solved? Was there a root cause? Please comment below.

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