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Fix Xbox stuck on “Finishing things up”

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Sometimes, updating your Xbox One games can be difficult if you are trying to get to 100%. The update process will slow down once you reach 75 percent. This happens even if your Internet connection is fine. After reaching 85 percent or 90 percent, the console suddenly states it’s’Finished‘. There is no ETA or visible progress. This update problem seems to be affecting Unreal Engine-based games frequently.

Restart your console to fix the problem. After waiting for a few minutes, check again for updates. Follow the troubleshooting steps below if your console is stuck at “Finishing everything up”.

What should you do if your Xbox tells you it’s finished?

Is this a well-known issue?

First, make sure you are checking if it is a known issue. Check the Xbox Service Status webpage to see if the console is experiencing any known issues. You can try again later after Microsoft engineers have resolved the issue.

Do a cache reset

Check if the problem has been solved by clearing your Xbox cache. Be aware that cache files can sometimes cause problems when you try to update or launch games.

Hold the Xbox button for approximately 10 seconds to clear the cache. Next, unplug your power cord and then press the Xbox button again for 5-10 seconds. Turn on the console by plugging in the power cord. Reinstall the game.

Reinstall the game

This might not work, but you can uninstall the entire game and then reinstall it. Navigate to My Games & Apps from your Xbox Home Screen. Click on the Menu button to select the game that you wish to delete. To delete the game, select the Uninstall option. Reinstall the game by restarting your console.

Users confirmed that the game was updated fine after reinstalling. This issue may be caused by corrupted files. You can replace the corrupted files by installing a new copy of the game.

Reset your console

If updates get stuck at 100 percent, it could also be a sign that there is a problem with corrupt files on your Xbox. You can fix the problem by resetting the console and keeping your data.

Navigate to Settings and select system. Next, go to Console information. Select Reset console, then select All except games and applications.

Transfer the game to your internal HDD

Many users reported that they were able to resolve the issue by moving their game files from an external hard drive to their internal HDD. You can also move your game files to see if this works for you.

Navigate to Xbox Settings. Select System then Storage. Choose your external hard drive. The screen should now display a list with options. Select Move.

The console will show you a list of all games on your external hard disk. You can select the games you wish to move to your internal HDD.

You can also try other things

If you still have issues with the game update, make sure to check your hard drive space and unblock any unnecessary storage. Next, check for system updates and create a new user profile. Start your router again and check your network connection.

You can find step-by-step instructions at the Xbox Support pages.

These solutions may have helped you solve the problem. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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