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Twitch: How to fix the purple screen issue

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Many Twitch users have been experiencing the purple screen issue over the past months. This guide will provide a detailed look at the purple screen of death issue. We’ll discuss the causes and ways to get rid of it.

Why is my Twitch screen turning purple

Twitch’s purple error screen appears when you view live streams via your browser. This error could indicate that your ad blockers are interfering with Twitch’s scripts. This could potentially affect the platform’s performance.

It’s very irritating to see the purple screen over the stream window. Twitch displays this message in order to warn you of unexpected problems or glitches. Many users believe this message is simply Twitch’s greed.

Your ad-blocker might be a double-edged sword. It blocks advertisements from websites that you visit. This is especially useful if you visit websites that display intrusive ads. Twitch may also stop working with certain scripts if your ad-blocker is enabled. This can cause all sorts of problems. You might experience problems loading video streams on Twitch or being disconnected arbitrarily.

What can I do about the purple screen on Twitch?

You should disable your ad-blocker

This purple screen is connected to your ad blocking software. It should be disabled.

  1. Choose the option that interests you from the browser’s menu. Extensions .
    • Chrome users have the option to select Other tools, and then Extensions.
  2. Next, disable your ad blocking software manually and restart the browser

If the problem continues, you can remove your ad blocking software. Next, click More Options. Select History. Clear browsing cache, cookies, cookies and other cookies.

Advertisement on Twitch Channels

Your ad-blocker will be protected best if you allow ads to appear on Twitch channels. AdBlock has a Twitch-specific setting. It’s called Allow ads on certain Twitch channels.

Many users have reported that the purple screen problem has disappeared since they enabled this option.

You can also open another tab within the same stream.

The purple screen can be made less irritating by opening another tab in the same stream. However, it should only take 20-30 seconds. When the purple popup appears, switch between tabs.

Use the VOD option

If you have the VOD option enabled, you can view the VOD stream while it is being recorded. You will not see the purple screen if you have any ad-blockers. Chat and video content will take longer.

Use a different ad-blocker

AdBlock appears to be the main trigger for Twitch’s purple screen. AdBlock adds a content script on all webpages, changing the player_type embed.

If the problem persists switch to and uBlock. uBlock provides a content script that applies to every page. It also attempts to change the player_type. Unfortunately, the script does not work with the latest player versions.

Use Incognito Mode

Others suggested opening an incognito web browser to view the stream from where the alert is being received, and then watching it there. This temporary solution has been appreciated by many users.

If Incognito Mode is not working in your browser, switch to another browser

Use the Twitch App

Twitch is preferable because it is more reliable than the web app.

It is not recommended to stream your favorite streamers from third-party websites. Visit Twitch’s official website. users claim that they were able solve the problem. This third-party website supports HLS playingback. This feature is also available on the official Twitch website. This is worth trying. You can always try again at the official Twitch site if it fails.

Verify that multiple Twitch tabs have been opened

Close all Twitch tabs you have open in your browser. One tab can be used now. It is possible that you are using the same Twitch account on multiple devices. Check the results by connecting to only one device. offers an alternate player.

Others have also reported that the Alternate Player for worked for them. This solution might not work for everyone. You can try it out as a trial-and-error solution. It can be used if it works or thrown out.

This extension will hide Twitch ads. This extension will not block streamers from embedding ads directly in streams.


Twitch’s purple screen error indicates that Twitch is experiencing performance and script problems due to its adblocker. To get rid of the PSoD, you must disable your Adblocker. This solution is not popular with many users as Twitch pushes too much advertising down their throats.

If you know of any solutions to the purple screen error, please let us know.

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