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Can’t Enable Twitch Prime on Your Account Error | Fix It

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This guide will help you understand why Twitch Prime is not enabled on your account and how to fix it. The error message usually reads: Oh no! Your account cannot enable Twitch Prime.

Understanding Twitch Prime account mistakes

This error can be attributed to four reasons:

  • You are not using the right Amazon market for your area
  • Probleme with your credit card (it could be invalid).
  • Amazon Prime’s card details are out of date
  • The Preferred Payment Method area was left blank

Correcting account errors in Twitch Prime

Fix 1: Sign up for the right Amazon marketplace

Twitch explains. This solution is applicable to users who live in the United States, Canada, Mexico or other countries.

Prime Video users who live in another region must cancel their Prime membership first. After you have done this, move on to Step 3.

1. Sign Up for Prime on Your Regional Marketplace. Choose your region’s market

  • US —
  • Canada —
  • Mexico —
  • United Kingdom —
  • Germany/Austria/Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg —
  • France —
  • Italy —
  • Japan —
  • Spain —
  • Singapore —

2. You can disable auto-renew or cancel your membership in an incorrect area. This will prevent you from being billed twice.

3. Navigate To Twitch Prime

4 Choose the flag for your country

5. Sign up for Twitch Prime

6. Log in

7. Login to Twitch.TV to claim your Twitch Prime benefits. Click on the crown.

Fix 2 – Verify your Amazon Prime credit card details

Check your Amazon Prime account settings to verify that your credit card information is correct. Make sure your credit card is selected as the preferred payment method for Amazon Prime. Also make sure your country is correctly set under Manage your Content and Devices.

Your Prime account must have the exact same billing address as your card’s. If this is not the case go to Manage Payment Options and update the information.

Contact Amazon Customer Support if you are still having trouble linking your Amazon Prime account with Twitch.

Twitch Prime: Learn More

The following guides will help you learn more about Twitch Prime:

  • View the Twitch Prim guide on Twitch
  • Visit the Twitch Prime Support Page at Amazon

We hope you found this guide helpful. You can now access Twitch Prime.

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