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Fix PS5 Error CE-10005-6 With This Guide

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Your PS5 console threw an error CE-10005-6 at you? Continue reading to find out more about this odd error. Let’s find out what causes it and how to fix it quickly.

What’s the PS5 Error CE-1005-6?

PS5 error code CE-1005-6 means that your console was unable to download or install your game. This error is most common when you try to install your game using a physical disc. Your PS5 console may not have been able to read the disc.

What causes error CE-10005-6

If your console is disconnected from the Internet while installing the game, an error CE-10005-6 could appear on the screen. This means that your internet connection drops during the downloading and installation of the game.

Error E2-00000000 or CE-107863-5 may also appear when the Internet is down during game installation.

This error code CE-1005-6 can also be triggered if there are scratches or smudges on the game disc. These smudges and scratches can block your console’s ability to read the information on the disc. The console cannot copy or transfer the information to its drive as a result.

Let’s now look at the problem and see what we can do about it.

How to fix error CE-10005-6 in PS5

Restart your console

Sony confirmed that error CE-1005-6 indicated there was an issue reading the disc. Sony advises that users restart their consoles. If this does not work, you can unplug your power cable and let your console remain unplugged for 2 minutes. You can then plug the power cable back in, and turn on your device.

Clean your game disc

Make sure there are no dust particles, smudges, or scratches on the disc’s surface. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the disc clean. To ensure that you get rid of all dirt, smudges, and scratches, you can clean the disc several times. Take a look at the results. You should see some improvement with the game.

Many users have confirmed that disc cleaning worked.

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN This was the problem I encountered. After spending 5 minutes cleaning it, it finally worked. I don’t know if the ps5 drive isn’t as fast as the ps4s, but it worked for me.

This user also used the same recipe:

This error occurred when I tried to install the gta V disc game from PS4. It didn’t work. I cleaned the disc with alcohol and cotton wool until it sparkled. It worked flawlessly.

Don’t do anything during download

Your console should only handle the game download. While your PS5 copies and downloads the game from the disc, don’t do anything else. Simply, you can watch the game downloaded from the Copying content screen. It should not be sent in the background.

You can free up storage space

Even though you might have plenty of storage space, it is worth freeing up some internet space. You can delete files and games that you don’t enjoy.

Some users have confirmed that they were able to bypass error CE-10005-6 by freeing up space on their PS5 drives and cleaning the game disk with a cotton cloth, as mentioned above.

The disc should be removed

Others believe the disc heats up and is triggering error CE-1005-6. This issue was solved by the users removing the disc twice.

The disk was taken out twice, and I put it back in. It finally started to install. It was becoming too hot.

Alternativly, you can pause your game and wait five to ten minutes for the console to cool down. The game installation can then be resumed.

Take it offline

If you disconnect your PS5 console from the Internet, many errors in game installation seem to disappear. This will allow you to verify that the problem has been solved.

Just to remind you, your PS5 console will automatically download the latest game updates if it is online while installing your game. It does this before installing the entire game. This behavior can sometimes cause other errors. It is best to avoid these errors by installing your games offline.

This guide helped you solve your problem. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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