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Here’s What To Do If Your PS4 Console Keeps Beeping

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If something is making a beep sound, it’s a warning sign. Sometimes, your PS4 may make strange sounds but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stop working.

In fact, your console can beep unexpectedly in many situations. These are some of the most common:

  • PS4 beeping when you play
  • The console will randomly beep depending on whether you are actively using it.
  • PS4 makes a beep and doesn’t turn on, or ejects the disk
  • The console will beep once, then turn off.

The duration of the beeps can vary depending on whether they are long or short.

Why is my PS4 still beeping? When your PS4 console detects major hardware issues, such as loose or defective connections or an inoperative manual eject button, it will beep. Your PS4 will often beep when it detects a problem with heat. If this happens, you could endanger your hardware.

If this is still happening, restart your console and unplug the power cord.

Disclaimer! Some solutions in this article could void your warranty. Please proceed cautiously and at your own risk.

How to Fix PS4 Beeping Problems

Fix 1 – Verify the position of the console

You must ensure that the console is properly seated. Try moving it around for a bit to see if that works. Place it on a flat surface with good ventilation.

Fix 2 – Gently press the console

Gently slap the console. You don’t need to hit the console hard enough to cause damage, but just gently give it a push. You should seek professional help if you hear unusual noises that indicate hardware components may have become loose. You can also take your console to one of Sony’s repair centers.

Fix 3 – Insert a disc

Some users reported that inserting a disk in the console solved the problem. There’s a trick to this: Don’t put the disc in all the way. Take the disc out when you hear the console detect it.

Fix 4 – Dust your console

PS4 may also be affected by dust particles. This problem can be fixed by dusting the device. Take off the front plate and dust the fan. If the beep continues, put the plate back on.

Fix 5 – Fix overheating issues

Let the console cool off by unplugging all cables. Unexpected beeps can also occur if the console is overheated. Allow your PS4’s temperature to cool down. Overheating can permanently damage your PS4 system.

Fix 6- Turn the manual ejector screw tightening

Many PS4 owners reported that tightening your eject screw solved their beeping sound problems. These are the steps:

  1. Everything, including the power cord, must be unplugged from your PS4.
  2. To turn the console off, press the power button
  3. Turn the manual eject lever until the top of the PS4 is open. You should be able give it about 6 turns if you press it down.
  4. Place a piece of scotchtape over the eject button, and then put the top back on.
  5. Connect the controller to your console > Plug everything back in
  6. To put the console into Safe Mode, hold down the power button until two beeps are heard.
  7. Choose the option Rebuild a database.

These 7 tips should help you get rid of the annoying PS4 beep.

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