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Fix Nintendo 3DS Not Connecting to Internet

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The Nintendo 3DS is a popular handheld console for gaming that was first launched in 2011. Worldwide, more than 60 million consoles were sold. This small device is still the most popular portable gaming console.

Internet connection issues can sometimes cause problems with the Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL. Restarting the console won’t solve the problem.

BestGamingTips can help. This article will show you how to fix Nintendo 3DS Internet connectivity issues. Enjoy your favorite games within minutes!

Fix Nintendo 3DS No internet connection

1. Make sure you are setting up the Internet correctly

If your Nintendo 3DS doesn’t connect to Wi Fi, it could be a problem with the security settings between the 3DS or the wireless access point. Verify that you have entered the correct security code and checked your router settings. Remember that Nintendo 3DS consoles are limited to 2.4GHz frequency networks and 802.11b/g modes.

Some users reported that they were able to fix the connection problem by turning off all security and only MAC filtering. This suggestion may be worth a try.

Others have also reported that Internet connection problems can occur when the broadcast name of your Wi-Fi network contains spaces. Make sure your network name contains no more than 10 letters and numbers, and does not contain underscores or letters.

Remember to turn off your router/modem, power cycle it and set up a new Internet link. Use WEP. Just to remind you, Nintendo 3DS Internet does not support WPA security.

2. Modify DNS settings

This problem can be fixed by manually entering DNS settings.

  1. Navigate to the HOME menu > System Settings > Select Internet Settings > Connection Settings.
  2. Select the connection file, then go to Change Settings and navigate to DNS.
  3. Choose ‘No’ to enable the Auto-Obtain DNS option > go To Detailed Setup.
  4. Enter > Select OK > Return to the DNS screen.
  5. Enter and click OK > Save > OK > Test.

3. Verify your router/modem.

After installing the latest firmware updates to your router/modem, you can keep the settings as they are. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade if you have an old router/modem.

4. Additional Fixes

  • Move closer to your WiFi hotspot. Perhaps your 3DS console doesn’t get enough signal to connect the Internet.
  • You can delete the WiFi connection information stored on your console. Re-enter your WiFi password manually.
  • You should not try to connect to restricted networks. Your college network may block your console.

These are my suggestions to fix your Nintendo 3DS Internet connectivity problems.

You can also help us improve the guide by adding additional troubleshooting tips in the comments.

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