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Fix Battlefield 2042 “User not found” error

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You can’t join Battlefield 2042 with your friends. Is the error message saying that the game couldn’t find the user you are seeing? You’re not alone. Many players were frustrated at not being able join a party with their friends. This alert is available below.

Battlefield 2042: User not found

Check your game version

Players may experience an “User Not Found” error if they aren’t using the same Battlefield2042 game version. Battlefield 2042 cannot be played by last-generation console gamers. Last-gen Battlefield 2042 supports 64 player matches as opposed to 128 for current-gen consoles. Two different games are being discussed.

You can join your friends’ Battlefield 2042 games if you are unable to. If you have a PS5 console, ensure that you download the latest version of Battlefield 2042. You won’t be allowed to play with if one of you downloads the PS4 version.

Restart your computer/console

Check if the “User Not Found” error persists. Unplug your router, and let it sit unplugged for at least two minutes. This will reset the connection to BF2042’s servers. Connect the router to the wall outlet again and you will be able to play together.

Are you able to play with your friends? You can also share your thoughts below if you have other ideas.

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