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Why does PS4 say application suspending in 15 minutes?

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Sometimes, PS4 users might get the error message ” The following app will be suspended in fifteen minutes because account licences cannot be verified.” This error is very confusing, especially if it’s not been seen before.

Many users felt that restoring account licenses was not an option. This temporary solution may be effective for a time, but after about 30 minutes your console will display the same error message. Let’s find out why this happens.

Why is my PlayStation constantly saying “Application suspended”?

This error means that you are losing internet connection while playing a game connected to your account. This error is caused by your PS4 console not being able to verify your license from Sony.

This alert is usually only sent if your licenses have not been cached. This means you aren’t playing the game on your account’s primary console, even though you are accessing a licensed game to your account. This error will occur if you are unable to connect to Sony’s servers within a 15 minute period to verify your licenses.

How to fix “The next application will be suspended within 15 minutes”

You can ignore the message

Perhaps you don’t have to do anything at all to correct this error. Many users confirmed that they ignored the message, and that nothing happened. The console didn’t automatically suspend or stop an application. This means that the console should be able handle this error by itself.

Change the primary console for your account

If possible, you can also set the console that you are currently playing on as your primary console. Your licences will be saved to the console and you won’t see that message again.

Navigate to SettingsAccount Management, and Activate As Your Primary PS4.

Verify your network connection

You can also restart the router to delete any temporary files that are causing problems with your connection. Disconnect any other devices that are connected to your network, especially if you’re streaming video. This will free up bandwidth for your PS4 console.

Are there other ways to fix the persistent “Application suspended in 15 minutes” error message on PS4? Please comment below.

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