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Enter the Gungeon. The Altar is Empty – What Should I Do?

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You may not be able to use the Altar if it is empty if you are a beginner. It took me about 50 runs to realize that the Altar could be used in Enter Gungeon. I would click on the altar and be left with the option to “do nothing”, then go on my way.

We’ll show you how to interact with it. Continue reading to learn how to interact with the altar if it is empty.

Step 1: Find the Room With A Fireplace

First, you will want to find the room that has a fireplace on the 1st chamber Keep of the Lead Lord. There will sometimes be enemies here. Other times, it will be empty. Once you have found it, you will need to extinguish it with water. You can do this with a water barrel, or with a gun such as the Mega Douser.

After putting out the fire, you can walk behind the fireplace to find a switch. The switch will open a secret room that you can see on the map. You will need 2 keys to open the trap door in this secret room (see below). If you plan to use these keys, you should be cautious.

You’ll be confronted with a variety of enemies as you navigate the trap door to the Oubliette. This extra chamber should not be a problem. However, it is worth fighting the Keep of the Lead Lord boss to get a nice weapon.

Step 2 – Go to the Gungeon Oubliette

You can enter the Oubliette by simply jumping down the trapdoor in the secret area. The Oubliette is a sewer-like structure that is filled with toxic waste and other harmful features. You will need the Old Crest to access the empty altar.

The Old Crest can be found in a treasure room, as shown in the image above. It will be placed on top of a plinth and ready to be taken. For reasons that will be explained in the next section, make sure you have cleared the Oubliette.

Step 3: Reach the Altar without Taking Damage

After clearing the secret Oubliette chamber, defeating the Blobulord boss and taking the Old Crest from The Special Room, head back to Chamber 2 – Gungeon Proper.

As you cannot take any damage right now, you will have to be at your best. You will lose the Old Crest and any armor it provides if you take any damage.

If you need to, use your Blanks sparingly to prevent damage. Once you have reached the altar, make sure the Old Crest is still intact. Then place the item on the altar. A secret staircase will be hidden beneath the bullet coffin. You’ll be entering the Abbey of the True Gun by going down the stairs.

Step 4 – Abbey of the True Gun

Once you have used the altar once more, you are now eligible to receive powerful upgrades at the Abbey of the True Gun. This floor is challenging so be prepared before you go. It is recommended to keep at least one key in your possession until you reach the Abbey of the True Gun chamber.

You’ll have to defeat the Old Chief if you can make it through the chamber. You won’t be successful against him without a gun. This is why you should wait until you’ve run strong before you attempt to reach the Abbey of the True Gun.

The reward for defeating the Old King is well worth it. If you feel you are capable of running a successful run, you will be awarded one normal boss item reward and one combination chest.

Enter the Gungeon Water Barrel: How do I Push It?

It’s easy to push a water barrel. Just head up to it, and use the same key you would use to flip a table or pick up an item. On the PS4, “X” on the PC, and “E” on the PC. Barrels cannot move in any other direction than the one they are in, so you will need to push it or run in front of them to stop it from moving in another direction.

The hard part is not pushing water barrels, but identifying them. You must be alert for water barrels if you want to reach the Oubliette from behind the fireplace.

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