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Do you lose your items when you die in New World?

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You’re new to New World, and are curious about what happens to your items after you die. Read below!

Are New World players liable for losing their items if they die?

Your items and experience points won’t be lost if you die in New World. When you respawning, all items in your inventory will be retained. Your equipment’s value and durability will decrease with each passing day.

All your items, with the exception of harvesting tools, will lose 10% of durability when they are destroyed by mobs (PvE), and 5% when they are destroyed by players (PvP).

Your equipment’s durability also causes a decline in value. This means that you won’t be able to trade your items at a trading post . You can only sell durable items. You have one option: repair your items before you sell them.

Three possible respawn points are available in New World: Your last camp, the closest settlement and the registered inn.

You can see that different things happen when players or mobs die.

What happens if you die in the New World?

Dying to mobs

Your equipment’s durability will be reduced by a tenth if you are killed by a creature, or another PvE (Player against Environment) element. If you don’t use them, you shouldn’t have too many weapons. You can either store your extra weapons and gear or sell them at the Trading Posts.

Dying to Players (PvP).

You can join one of the three factions to enable PvP, and you can fight other players in open world PvP battles. Your weapons and gear lose 5 percent of its durability if you are killed while fighting other players.

Good news is that PvP will not result in any loss of experience. You’ll also lose experience points in other MMORP games. This makes it harder to level up.

Now you are familiar with.

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