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Is There a Point of No Return in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many possible endings. The game will take you to the one you choose based on your actions and choices during gameplay. Side missions and gigs can be avoided if you are determined to take on as many side quests possible. This will lead to a completely different ending.

Note – The text below contains spoiler warnings.

Cyberpunk 2077: Point of No Return

Cyberpunk 2077: What’s the point?

Cyberpunk 2077’s point of no return is a mission called Nocturne OP55N1. The point of no returns is activated when you enter the Embers Restaurant.

This is where players are taken straight to the end of the main story. You can’t engage in side quests and other open-world activities after you reach this point. You should try side quests and gigs to avoid the point of no returns.

Side quests are a great way to explore Cyberpunk’s world. It’s a good idea, however, to save your progress before going to the Embers restaurant. If you experience any technical difficulties, you can reload your save file and restart playing.

What happens when Cyberpunk reaches the point of no return?

After accepting the Nocturne OP55N1 task, the game quickly moves to one of the possible endings. You will be asked to make certain decisions that will determine which ending you play.

There will not be any side quests once you have entered the Embers restaurant. You will reach the end of the story when the game ends. The mission is yours to complete.

You can go back to the save game after you have experienced one of the possible game ends to explore the open-world.

Cyberpunk is dead at the point of no return.

Cyberpunk’s point of no return means that the main story is over, but not the game. You can click on the One more gig option after you have completed the mission that was triggered by point of no return. You will be taken back to the point of no returns mission. You can also launch side quests that will unlock a new ending.

What is the length of Cyberpunk’s existence after the point where there is no return?

Cyberpunk’s point-of-no return is reached, and you have approximately 5 hours of gameplay remaining.

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