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What is chromatic aberration in games?

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Chromatic aberration causes blue and red auras to appear around objects. Chromatic aberration is a color distortion phenomenon that causes objects to appear blurred and distort their colors. This causes objects to become blurry and distorted.

To create cinematic effects that look like a movie, game developers use chromatic aberration. The results are not always appreciated by everyone. The effect is much more appealing when it’s in motion than in photos. Sometimes screenshots can look blurry or bad because of chromatic aberration.

Motion sickness, blurriness and chromatic aberration are all possible

Chromatic aberration, and other rendering effects, are used in games to make it appear like you’re viewing a scene through a lens. It’s almost like looking at the 3D images of the games without glasses. Post-processing is used to remove chromatic aberration in games. Some game developers use color aberration in a subtle way, while others do it more aggressively.

Depending on the settings of your graphics card and hardware configuration, chromatic aberration can cause blurred images and lower image quality. This problem is obvious when you focus on objects close-up and then shift your attention to distant objects.

Many people experience motion sickness when they play video games. This sensation can be exacerbated by blurry images caused by chromatic aberration. Play for short periods to get around this problem. You can take frequent breaks and see if there are any changes.

The good news? Most video games allow you to manually toggle off chromatic aberration, if you don’t like the results.

Are you a fan or not of chromatic aberration? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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