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Why Can’t I Add Friends On Steam? Answered

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Steam offers many social features that allow users to have great gaming experiences with their friends. Chat with your friends while you collaborate on a strategy or check out their games.

Sometimes, Steam users might encounter errors while searching for friends or adding them to their accounts. This guide will explain how to avoid these errors and what you can do about them.

Why can’t I add friends on Steam? Two main reasons why Steam friends cannot be added are: 1) Your account is not large enough or 2) You’re not using your correct name when searching to find your friends.

New Steam Accounts can’t add friends

You might experience this error message if you create a new Steam account.

Steam blocks new accounts from adding friends until they verify their identity by making a $5 purchase. This error will be displayed as long as the user does not purchase any items from the store. This is done to discourage spammers and hackers from the community.

This is how you can unlock Steam’s friend-adding feature:

  • Buy a Steam game or Steam gift for $5 or less
  • You can top up your Steam wallet by adding $5
  • Purchase a SteamWallet Card worth $5 or More

Good news: You can send friend requests but you can still receive and accept requests from other Steam users.

Find the Right Name

Your friend search may return empty if you use the same usernames. Also, ensure you are using the correct name when searching for friends. Each Steam account is associated with four names:

  • Steam Account Name or Steam Username to Login to Steam
  • Steam Profile Name or name shown to the community
  • If you like, you can use your real name
  • Your profile name or custom URL Name

Additional Questions Answered

How can I enable friend add on Steam? You will need to spend $5, or add $5 to your account balance to enable friend add on Steam. Next, click on Friends > Add Friends > type the name of your friend on Steam and then click on Add as friend.

How can I add a friend to my Steam friends list without paying $5? You can ask your friend to send a friend request.

How can you communicate with someone on Steam? Create a new group, and invite them to join it. You can request to be added to a group if the user is already a member.

Now you are aware.

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