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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims Get Drunk?

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Sims 4 has many real-life actions and events that can be successfully integrated. Sims can become vegetarians, ride bikes and get arrested.

But can Sims get drunk? Many gamers wonder if their Sims can get drunk until they are completely drunk. Continue reading to find out the answer.

Sims 4 can’t get drunk. Sims who drink excessively will experience a change in their moods. They can’t legally get drunk, but they do experience the effects of alcohol.

How can Sims get drunk in The Sims 4

Your Sim will see a moodlet as they drink more. This indicates that they are becoming happier and more happy. If Sim continues to drink, the happy moodlet will be replaced by a new one that indicates they are feeling sick.

There is no way to get drunk in The Sims 4. It is safe to assume that Sims can get drunk. However, this is based on the fact your Sim will become ill if they drink too much. There is no moodlet that will indicate this. Drinking too much doesn’t affect your interactions.

Surprisingly, Sims will often grab a drink at a bar or other place that offers the possibility of having a drink. Your Sims won’t drink alcohol if there’s alcohol.

You can still install mods and custom content if you are open to them. This behavior is not supported by the clean game. If you are interested in how your Sims react to drinking, you can get a “drunk” mod.

Side note: Sims 2 players will recall that Sims can get very drunk and fall to the ground if they drink too much.

Remember that alcohol can cause brain and emotional damage. Be responsible when you drink, both in Sims 4 as well as in real life.

Now you are aware.

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