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The 10 Best Blitzball Players In FFX (And Where To Find Them!)

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Final Fantasy X has been called one of the greatest games ever created. The game was a stunning storyline with a turn-based combat system that quickly made it one of the most popular FF games.

FFX gave us Blitzball, which is one of the most popular side games in the franchise. We’ve made it easy for you to find the best Blitzball players. These are the top Blitzball players in Final Fantasy X for you to recruit to Besaid Aurochs.

10. Wedge

Wedge is an excellent early player, and one of the best blitzball players to recruit. Wedge is not very useful beyond level 20, and quickly becomes non-relevant. Because of his goal scoring prowess, his best position is forward.

Best position Forward

Level 1 Stats : HP 80. SP 65. EN 9. AT 6. PA 3. BL SH 17. CA 2

Level 50 Stats : HP 3, 323. SP 56. EN 46. AT 31. PA 11. BL 23, SH 23. CA 18.

Location:Wedge is located at Luca’s main gate.

9. Jumal

Jumal, like Wedge is another blitzball player you should recruit early in the game. If you want to build the best team, Jumal is pretty useless after level 20. Jumal is a great choice for goalkeeping if you want to build one of the most competitive blitzball teams.


Level 1 Stats : HP 100. SP 60. EN 8. AT 1. PA BL SH CA 14.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3347. SP 60. EN 16. AT 16. PA 25, BL 8. SH 11. CA 25,

LocationJumal and his family can be found at Luca Square.

8. Zalitz

After encountering Sin too many times, Zalitz becomes tired of the sea and starts to dislike it. To get an advantage in the early game of blitzball, recruit him as soon as possible.

Best position: Defender

Level 1 Stats : HP 100. SP 60. EN 6. AT 15. PA BL 11 SH 3. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,070. SP 56. EN 16. AT 27. PA 25, BL 3 SH 13. CA 11.

Location:Zalitz is located outside of the sphere theatre in Luca.

7. Nedus

Nedus is a player you need to be patient with. Although he starts off as the slowest player in Spira, behind Mifurey and Brother, he becomes the fastest in the game once he reaches level 30.

It’s up to you to decide if the grind is worth it. However, there will be many benefits for those who do.

Best position Forward

Level 1 Stats : HP 100. SP 30, EN 12. AT PA 3. BL SH 10 CA

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,070. SP 46. EN 49. AT 13. PA50. BL 7 SH 38. CA 6.

Location:Nedus is located in Luca, dock number 1.

6. Giera Guado

Giera is captain of the Guado Glories. He, like many of his compatriots has a lot of speed. Giera is a good midfielder because of his high blocking and passing skills, but he can also be used as an attacker due to his excellent shooting ability.

Best position: Midfielder / Forward

Level 1 Stats : HP 110. SP 75. EN 12. AT PA 10 BL SH 11 CA 1.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,080. SP 75. EN 22, AT 13. PA 45. BL 30- SH 42. CA 4.

Location:Giera Guado is located in Guadosalam. He charges 1,000 Gil per game.

5. Miyu

Miyu is a character that can be described as a bit boring. You will encounter her at various points throughout the game as a Crusader. She’s a great goalkeeper from blitzball perspective.


Level 1 Stats : HP 100. SP 60. EN 15. AT 14. PA 2 BL SH 4. CA 11.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3300. SP63. EN 39. AT 26. PA 7. BL SH 9. CA32.

LocationMiyu is located at the north wharf in the Moonflow

4. Shaami

Shaami first meets you in Luca, reporting on the blitzball tourney. She is more than a reporter. She doubles up as one the most skilled blitzball players in all of Spira.

Best position Forward

Level 1 Stats : HP 100. SP 56. EN 11. AT 4. PA BL SH 10 CA 2

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,070. SP 62. EN 46. AT 27. PA 15. BL 12 SH 43. CA 7.

Location You can Shaami in Luca on the bridge towards sphere theatre.

3. Nimrook

Without doubt, Nimrook is by far the best goalkeeper in this game. You may need to wait until he becomes available to recruit him to the Besaid Aurochs.

He is the Al Bhed Psyches’ keeper, but he should be snatched up as soon as possible to help create the best FFX blitzball team.


Level 1 Stats : HP 95. SP 60. EN AT 11. PA 2 BL SH CA 18.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,063. SP 60. EN 33. AT 23, PA 17. BL 11 SH 11. CA35.

LocationNimrook can be found in the Farenheit airship corridor.

2. Ropp

Ropp, a clerk who is unassumingly one of the most skilled FFX blitzball players, is a great player. Due to his excellent AT, BL and PA skills, Ropp is the best defender in the game. He can also be hired very early in the game, which is a great thing.

Keep an eye out on him at the Mi’ihen Road.

Best position: Defender

Level 1 Stats : HP 191. SP 60. EN 9. AT 11. PA 11. BL 15. SH CA

Level 50 Stats : HP 2,925. SP 60. EN 29. AT 31. PA 38. BL29. SH 6. CA 11.

LocationBehind Rin’s Travel Agency counter.

1. Brother

Brother can be best used as a midfielder and is the most popular free agent Blitzball player in all of Spira. He’s also easy to find. Brother is an Al Bhed pilot and cousin to Yuna, brother to Rikku and son of Cid.

His role in FFX is very limited and he only speaks a few lines, most often in Al Bhed dialogue. Brother plays a prominent role in HTMLX-2.

Best position: Midfielder

Level 1 Stats : HP 95. SP 60. EN AT 11. PA 2 BL SH CA 18.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3,063. SP 60. EN 33. AT 23, PA 17. BL 11 SH 11. CA35.

LocationBrother is available from the Farenheit airship’s main deck.

Bonus: Tidus

It is important to note that Tidus should be a constant member of your team as you move up the levels. Tidus excels at all levels and continues to improve at a steady rate. His Jecht Shot is a powerful weapon that can destroy most teams quickly. He only gets better with experience.

Best position Forward

Level 1 Stats : HP 132. SP 60. EN 10 AT PA BL SH 11. CA 1.

Level 50 Stats : HP 3347. SP 64. EN 46. AT 13. PA 23, BL 11 SH 49. CA 11.

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