Best Android Tablet For Kodi And Streaming

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Kodi can be installed on all devices, including PCs, Chromecasts and Amazon Fire TV Sticks. Which Android tablet is best for streaming Kodi? This guide will cover everything. Over the last few years, the Android tablet market has been declining. Many customers are choosing Apple’s iPads over Android tablets. Manufacturers aren’t making as many Android slates these days. However, there are still great options for streaming and Kodi.

You can find the best Android tablets in many sizes, ranging from 7 to 10 inches. There are many options for specs and pricing. It can be difficult to find the best Android tablet for streaming and Kodi. But we have made it easy. We have compiled a list of the top Android tablets for streaming and Kodi that you’ll find anywhere. This article reviews the top Android tablets. It includes details, pros and cons as well as a quick rundown of each tablet’s unique features so that you can choose the right one for you.

Quick Comparison of the Best Android Tablets

Best Android Tablet Features

Screen Size

The screen size of Android Tablets ranges from 6 inches at the lowest end to an impressive 18.4 inches with the Samsung Galaxy View tablet. Most tablets fall within the 7-10 inch range. If you are looking for something lightweight and portable that you can carry around with you, the Amazon Fire tablet (7-inch) is your best choice. A 10-inch tablet is a great choice for streaming Kodi at a reasonable price.

Hard Disk Space

The storage capacity of stand-alone tablets is typically 8 to 16GB and 128GB respectively. Convertible Windows tablets have more storage capacity than typical notebooks. It is not uncommon to find one with more than 256GB. You can expand the storage capacity of your tablet with SD card readers. If you use your tablet a lot, 8 or 16GB may be too restrictive for you. You might want to spend more to get at least 32GB or an onboard SD card slot.

Battery Life

A good tablet will last you for a whole day with a full charge. Tablet batteries typically last between eight and nine hours. You might consider getting rid of any tablets that don’t last seven hours.


It will depend on your use of it. However, generally speaking, more ports and more ways to connect it are better. It should support the most recent Bluetooth standard. You may want to expand storage via SD or microSD. MicroUSB and USB are essential. Micro HDMI is also a nice option. Wireless charging is an option for those who need NFC support.

Best Android Tablet Apps

These are the top Android tablet apps all tablet owners need to have on their phones:

  • Feedly
  • Pocket
  • Zinio
  • PressReader
  • Libby by Overdrive
  • Moon+ Reader
  • Flipboard
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Play Books
  • Netflix
  • Kodi
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Swift Explorer

The Best Android Tablets to Use for Kodi or Streaming

#1 Samsung Galaxy Tab

A full-sized Android tablet is essential for streaming Kodi and Kodi. It must have a large screen, speakers, a sturdy build quality, and software that makes use of the larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet because it offers everything. The Galaxy Tab features a fast Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM, lots of storage, and optimized software. It’s a Samsung product so you get a top-of-the-line display (10.5 inches) and great metal constructions. An in-display fingerprint sensor is now available, something that was not present on previous models .


  • Rapid and responsive
  • Vibrant HD display
  • Battery life is long
  • Quad speakers of high quality


  • If you’re a casual tablet user, it is quite expensive.

#2 Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet is the most affordable Android tablet on the market, and it supports streaming and Kodi. The 16GB storage makes it an excellent deal. Its smaller size makes it easy for you to carry in your bag or give to a child. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in one hand, making this ideal for reading. It doesn’t come with the Google Play Store, nor does it have Google apps. It is however easy to install Kodi for the Amazon Fire TV. This is a great choice for media consumption, browsing and handing to your children.


  • Fun color choices
  • It is small enough to be handled by children
  • Almost unbelievable price
  • All the essentials covered


  • Google Play apps are not available to the public
  • Low-quality screen

#3 Lenovo Smart TabM10

The Lenovo Smart Tab 10 offers a nice full HD screen of 10.1 inches, solid performance and a beautiful design. It is an excellent alternative to more expensive Android tablets. The M10 is affordable and has a matte back with soft-touch. The M10 has only 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. There is also 3GB RAM with 32GB space. The battery is 4,850mAh. There are two front-facing Dolby speakers and no fingerprint sensor. A 2-megapixel selfie camera pairs with a 5-megapixel rear camera.


  • Fantastic display for movies
  • Design is light and thin
  • Has multi-user mode
  • It supports Alexa
  • Smooth functions and Full HD
  • Present Productivity Mode
  • High performance processor


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Poor camera quality
  • No ambient light sensor

#4 Dragon Touch

  • 2019 Edition Dragon Touch Tablet: The Dragon Touch K10 has a 10″ display and Android OS 8.1 Oreo OS. It offers all the entertainment you want with an intuitive interface and fast operation. You can easily browse the internet and download any game you like, including Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, or other apps.
  • Full-featured Tablet: The Dragon Touch K10 10.1 inch tablet will let you do what you love. It provides long-lasting reading and viewing times. Thanks to 128GB of expandable storage, your tablet will have more songs, ebooks, photos, and videos. Other features, like FM, GPS, BT 4.0 and others, would also help.

Dragon Touch X10 tablets are extremely useful and packed with 3D functionality. This tablet will take streaming to a new level. The K10 tablet is perfect for movie buffs who want to stream live. This tablet is different from most streaming tablets. The tablet has a Micro USB port for data transfer and charging, as well as a Micro HDMI port. K10 has dual speakers, a volume rocker and a power button.


  • Price is affordable
  • No Bloatware
  • Good build quality
  • GPS integrated sensor
  • Large viewing angles and vivid colors


  • Battery life average
  • Full-HD is not possible
  • 1GB RAM

#5 Vankyo MatrixPadZ4

  • High performance android tablet: Vankyo Matrix Pad Z4 has a powerful, energy-saving 64-bit quad-core processor that is 1. The tablet has a 2GB RAM and 5GHz processor. This allows for quick app launches, smooth video and gaming, and excellent overall performance.
  • Native and the latest Android OS – Android 9 Pie: The GMS Certified Matrix Pad Z4 is equipped with Android’s most recent version Android 9 Pie. Unexpected ads are gone. You can access Google Play to download all the apps you love such as Skype and Netflix.

The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 10-inch Tablet is a must-have on this list. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 Tablet is powered by a powerful 64-bit Quad Core processor 1.5GHz and 2GB RAM. This tablet delivers fast application launches, smooth video and games, and exceptional overall performance. The tablet features a 1280×800 IPS display. It also has a glass screen that provides a vivid display with vivid colors and smooth touch. Eye Health is an additional feature that optimizes the backlight to make reading at night more comfortable.


  • It is a large screen with a fantastic resolution
  • You can add storage to it with the Micro SD slot


  • Slow touchscreen response
  • The speakers are poor
  • It’s expensive

Which one of these Android tablets are you most impressed with for streaming Kodi or other media? Use the comment box to share your thoughts.

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