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Battlefield 2042: Can Xbox One and Series X play together?

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Two Battlefield 2042 versions are available. There are two versions of Battlefield 2042 available: one for current-generation gaming consoles and one for last generation consoles.

Are Xbox One and Xbox Series X gamers able to play Battlefield 2042 together on Xbox One?

Battlefield 2042 allows crossplay between two groups. Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 players can all play together. The second crossplay group includes PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

Gamers from the second group are able to play together, but not with those from the first group. Due to hardware limitations, Battlefield 2042 cannot be played together by current-generation and last generation console gamers.

Xbox Series X gamers who have the latest version of Battlefield 2042 installed and Xbox One gamers cannot play together. They have two different generations of consoles. Xbox Series X users running the current-gen Battlefield 2042 version can only play with Xbox Series S and PS5 players.

Xbox Series X gamers are allowed to play with Xbox One users provided they have the latest version of Battlefield 2042. To play with your Xbox One friends, you will need to download the Xbox One version.

As long as the gamers have the same Battlefield 2042 version, two generations of Xbox consoles may play together. Same applies to PS5 and PS5 gamers.

Larger maps with more features

Battlefield 2042 is available for current-generation consoles, PCs, and has larger maps that can hold up to 128 players. This allows up to 128 Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players, as well as PS5 and PC users, to play together.

The Battlefield 2042 Xbox One and PS4 versions only support 64 players. This is because of hardware limitations. This is one reason why last-gen consoles cannot play with current-gen consoles.

Many Xbox gamers feel that they are being forced to play Battlefield 2042 alongside PC players. Cross-play was a popular choice for many Xbox gamers. More PC gamers are queuing up in Battlefield 2042’s lobby than Xbox players. Crossplay is often disabled on Xbox and Xbox players are often matched up with PC players.

Xbox users feel that this is unfair, as PC players are more efficient with the mouse-and keyboard combo.

Are you a owner of an Xbox Series X console Have you installed the latest version of Battlefield 2042 in order to play with your Xbox One buddies? Comment below.

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