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26cat Com Review: Share Your 26cat Review Here; Is 26cat Scam Or Legit?

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Online shopping is becoming a popular trend. People want to shop from home so many online shops are being opened every day. While some of these may be true, others are merely designed to scam people and steal their money.

People are shifting towards online shopping due to market rush and time constraints. They get many benefits and offers online shopping.

However, customers should be aware of some basics before they shop online. We will tell you what to do if you are caught in fraud.

Here are some key points to remember before you shop at an online store.

  • Website Domain & Url/ Check very carefully: Pay attention to the URL of your website. Most scam website creators make it look like a brand website. This mistake leads to people falling for the trap.
  • Website Whois Information/provided and not provided: If website owners and companies are giving all information, it is good. If they don’t, it indicates that they are hiding something which can lead to some suspicion. ” Click here to view website/company information. Enter the domain name at this link to see all information.
  • Website Domain age/how old is this website? It is important to check the age of a website. The trustworthiness of a new website will drop until it becomes well-known.
  • Https Safe or Not: If you pay by card, a secure connection can be very helpful.
  • Social media pagesSocial media are the most popular platforms for advertising any e-commerce company. So most popular websites use it. However, the website creator who is short-term does not want to put in so much effort.
  • Contact us/ About US/ Shipping/ Payment/ Delivery page details: These pages give complete information about the seller and buyer. If the Buyer receives satisfactory information, it increases transparency for the website as well as the owner. Low quality or unsatisfactory information can raise doubts in the mind of buyers.
  • COD/ Payment Gateway: Cash on Delivery is an excellent payment option for any online store. However, most websites don’t offer this option. People get angry after they pay with their cards and Payal.
  • Paid or Fake Customer Reviews: customer reviews are always subjective. Real reviews can be positive or negative, but fake reviews are always good.
  • Limits on Discounts and Offers: offers and discounts have a limit and are very suspicious.
  • Product Descriptions/ Ratings and Reviews: Before you buy, make sure to check the rating and reviews of your products.
  • Images of Models: Half-face models do not mean they have been hired to do this job. The images were copied, so make sure you check them before buying.
  • Website Trust Score: Many blog sites offer deep information about online stores websites, so make sure you’re always checking to verify the legitimacy of any website.
  • Website Reviews: Research and read online before you buy online. Check out this review:
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